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Submitting a petition to Council

Recognizing that petitions play an integral role in the communication between residents and elected officials, on December 8, 2010, City Council adopted a Petition Policy that established procedures for the submission and recognition of public petitions.

Please review the City's Petition Policy to make sure your petition conforms to the required standards to ensure presentation to Council.

All petitions that meet the standards set out in the Petition Policy will be presented to Council and listed as a Communication on a Council agenda. Petitions on matters that are solely within the decision-making authority of the Transit Commission are routed directly to the Commission rather than to Council.

Petitions deemed to be in non-compliance will not be formally accepted by Council or the Transit Commission. However, they will be listed as “other correspondence received” on the appropriate Standing Committee or Council agenda, if applicable.

A petition is considered a public document at the City of Ottawa and the information contained in it will be subject to the scrutiny of City Council (or the Transit Commission) and the general public. Your petition must include a disclosure statement on each page of the petition so that those who sign the document agree to, and are aware of, its public availability.

For more information, please contact or the City Clerk at the following mailing address:

City Clerk
110 Laurier Avenue
Ottawa, Ontario
K1P 1J1

A completed petition form.

Please note, to access and complete the Petition Form [8MB] you must:

  1. download and save the Petition Form to your computer (To do this, click on the “Petition Form” link, then select the link titled “PDF File” in the new window that appears. You can then download and save the form to your computer using the download button found in the top right corner of the page.)
  2. open the saved form with Adobe Acrobat Reader to complete it

Any information added to the form in a web browser will be lost when the form is downloaded, printed or saved.

If you experience difficulties accessing the form or require an accessible format or communication support, please contact

Submitting a petition

There are several ways to submit a petition. Information on each method is described below.

By Mail

Petitions containing original signatures should be sent to the attention of the City Clerk by mail at the following address.

City Clerk
110 Laurier Avenue
Ottawa, Ontario
K1P 1J1


Petition containing original signatures can also be delivered, in-person, at one of the City's Client Service Centers.

This service is available by appointment only. Please select a location to book an appointment time:

Laurier Client Service Centre, 110 Laurier Avenue West

Nepean Client Service Centre, 101 Centrepointe Drive

Kanata Client Service Centre, 580 Terry Fox Drive

Orleans Client Service Centre, 255 Centrum Boulevard

By email

Electronic petitions may be submitted to the attention of the City Clerk at


Petitions may also be submitted to the Mayor or any member of City Council.