Jessica Bradley - Councillor - Ward 10 Gloucester-Southgate


Jessica is committed to building a strong, healthy, and vibrant community for all. 

After obtaining an undergraduate degree in Political Science from the University of Western Ontario, Jessica worked for the City of Brantford to organize, plan, and execute the 2010 Municipal Election. This experience sparked a passion for community and local government. 

Jessica moved to Ottawa in 2011 and was immediately enamoured with the city, the people, and the sense of community. Keen to get involved at the local level, Jessica took an opportunity to work for the residents of Gloucester-Southgate Ward in the local Councillor’s office. 

Jessica has proudly worked for the residents of Gloucester-Southgate Ward for more than a decade. 

She is passionate about this community, its diversity, its vibrancy, and the people living here. She is proud to represent their voice at Ottawa City Hall. 

In addition to her political experience, Jessica has also worked as an Operational Field Manager for the 2011, 2016, and 2021 Census with Statistics Canada. In 2021, Jessica and her team were responsible for Census collection for all First Nation Communities across Ontario.