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Community Development Framework

What is the Community Development Framework (CDF)?

The CDF is a way of working together in order to make change happen in neighbourhoods. The CDF brings together residents, service providers, agencies, researchers and funders to improve their neighbourhoods. It starts with neighbourhoods in need, where residents are willing and able to work together for change.

What neighbourhoods are the CDF in right now?

The CDF is currently working in Bayshore, Carlington, Overbrook-McArthur, South East Ottawa (as No Community Left Behind) and West Centretown. However, the CDF process could be applied to any neighbourhood.

How do I fit in?

Community development only works if people who live in the neighbourhood get involved. Everybody can play a part. You can get involved in many different ways. For example, you can join a committee, attend a potluck dinner, fill in a survey or take part in a neighbourhood activity. You can use your skills on a project (i.e. plant a garden, deliver posters or make some phone calls).

How does the CDF work in my neighbourhood?

  • It starts with the residents who live in the neighbourhood.
  • It lets resident have their say about the issues they face.
  • Community agencies provide their point of view.
  • Residents and partners identify the neighbourhood’s assets and needs using various tools (survey, focus groups, etc.).
  • Residents and partners make a plan to address concerns and then they put the plan into action.
  • Partners and residents evaluate what worked well and what needs to be improved.
  • Residents and partners make changes and keep going.

To get involved, contact your local Community Health and Resource Centre in your neighbourhood.

Why should I get involved?

Are there things about your neighbourhood that have always bothered you? Are there things about your neighbourhood that you love and want to support? This is your chance to have your say and work towards change. Your City Councillor, local businesses, schools and community organizations will all be there to help.

Where do I get more information?

For more information about the CDF, please visit the CDF web site.

What is the City’s role?

The City is a founding member of the CDF and is on the CDF Steering Committee. The City also contributes as a funder, service provider and social policy contributor. One specific focus at the moment is to encourage staff across many City departments to work together on issues raised by the priority neighbourhoods, through a network of City staff known as the “municipal services table.”

Please find links to our reports to Committee and Council about the CDF: