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Bilberry Drive Traffic Calming Study

Project Status: 


The City of Ottawa is conducting a Neighbourhood Traffic Calming (NTC) study along the entire length of Bilberry Drive (between the dead end and Jeanne D’Arc Boulevard North (east intersection)) due to concerns about speeding, pedestrian safety, and aggressive driver behavior.

The purpose of an NTC study is to address community concerns related to traffic on existing streets. Previous NTC studies have resulted in the implementation of various traffic calming measures and/or other roadway modifications. Please note that NTC studies do not involve the redesign and/or reconstruction of an entire street but focus on key localized roadway modifications.

There are three phases of the NTC study process: the pre-study phase, the study phase, and the implementation phase. 


  • Identify Request's Chief Concern
  • Screen Request
  • Prioritize Request


  • Determine Community Support and Confirm Concerns
  • Preliminary Investigation
  • Develop a Traffic Calming Plan


  • Confirm Funding
  • Design and Construction
  • Monitoring and Evaluation

Bilberry Drive is currently in the “study phase". It passed screening and is now currently at the top of the NTC program’s priority list. If it is deemed that there is enough community support, the study would proceed with further analysis of the feedback obtained through the online survey and current traffic conditions. Together, with community participation, the City would typically make recommendations for various types of traffic calming measures suitable for the character and constraints of the street. Some potential traffic calming measures include speed cushions, bulb-outs, centre-island medians, narrowings, etc. Potential impacts, both positive and negative, of the proposed options would be discussed before a recommended plan is selected. Please note there is potential that some on-street parking could be removed adjacent to some types of proposed traffic calming measures.

Once the study recommendations have been finalized and funding secured, the approved traffic calming plan would proceed to design and construction in the “implementation” phase. It should be noted that the entire process from study initiation to final construction can take several years to complete.

Online Survey

In order to evaluate whether there is a reasonable level of support to proceed with the NTC study, and to gather your feedback on your concerns related to traffic along Bilberry Drive, we strongly encourage you to complete the online survey by October 9th, 2020. This feedback will help us identify specific areas of concern along Bilberry Drive and will help us develop potential solutions to address these traffic concerns.

Lindsay Thomas
Project Manager, Area Traffic Management
Transportation Services Department