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Camp FFIT experience

The City of Ottawa, in partnership with Fire Service Women Ontario, presents a unique opportunity for diverse groups of young women, non-binary, and trans youth from all social backgrounds, ages 15 to 19 years old, to learn what it takes to be a firefighter and experience a potential career path.

Participants will be able to learn more about a career in firefighting by working together with:

  • Career and volunteer firefighters from Ottawa Fire Services
  • Firefighters from neighbouring communities
  • Recent graduates from a Pre-Service Firefighter Education and Training program

Skills and activities

Participants will get to experience:

  • Basic firefighting
  • Wear full Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
  • Use Self Contained Breathing Apparatus (SCBA)
  • Pump/ladder operations basics
  • Personal fitness and nutrition information
  • Ground ladder set up and climb
  • Aerial ladder climb
  • Auto extrication
  • Technical rescue basics
  • Low visibility search and rescue
  • Forcible entry
  • Catching hydrants
  • High-rise operations (stair climb, hook up and hand line operation)
  • Fighting simulated kitchen and car fires

To fully experience the camp, participants need to:

  • Approach activities with a positive attitude
  • Be respectful and welcoming to others
  • Follow all rules and regulations
  • Participate in all activities and classes
  • Be able to participate in physically demanding activities

Learning, training, and evaluation

All Camp FFIT activities and evaluations will be led by qualified members of Ottawa Fire Services.


In-class teaching: English and French

Skill development exercises: English only

Note: English is the standard operational language for first responders

Graduation ceremony

Parents, guardians and/or representatives of all participants are invited to attend the graduation ceremony:

Friday, August 16, 2024, at 15:00 (3:00 pm)

OFS Training facility (upstairs classroom)

898 Industrial Avenue, Ottawa, ON

Physical fitness and safety

Participants of Camp FFIT will experience some of the physical demands of a firefighter through activities in a supervised and controlled training environment including:

  • Strength
  • Endurance
  • Coordination
  • Agility
  • Dexterity

Instructors will stop activities if there appears to be any risk of injury or danger. Participants may stop at any time if they do not feel comfortable, and instructors will give additional direction and support.

Camp FFIT is a closed campus, and all participants must remain on the training grounds until the end of the day’s activities.

Physical requirements

All participants must be able to wear all Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) provided by Camp FFIT.

Common physical activities/tasks:

  • Climb ladders and stairs
  • Wear heavy equipment
  • Lift and manage heavy items such as
    • Ladders
    • Hoses (charged and uncharged)
    • Tools
      • Axes
      • Pike poles
      • Halligans
      • Sledge hammers

Factors that increase task difficulty:

  • Wearing PPE gear and SCBA equipment
    • restricted movement
    • added weight
      • PPE approximately 50 lbs (22.5 kg)
      • SCBA approximately 30 lbs (13.5 kg)
  • Using heavy tools and equipment in awkward positions
  • Fluctuations in body temperature caused by environmental conditions
    • Heat and sun
    • High humidity
    • Rain
  • Reduced visibility from darkness and/or smoke in fire scenarios

Key dates

Camp FFIT will run from August 12 to 16, 2024

Application deadline: end of day May 24, 2024

Confirmation of participation: by June 14, 2024 (by phone)


  • Self-identify as women (cisgender, transgender, non-binary, or two-spirit) including women from all other equity deserving groups
  • Be 15 to 19 years old as of August 12, 2024
  • Be attending Camp FFIT for the first time (applicants who have attended previously are not eligible to apply)
  • Have a valid provincial health card (such as OHIP) before August 12, 2024

What you need for camp

  • CSA approved steel toe boots for all fire ground activities
  • Leather work gloves for all fire ground activities
  • Running shoes for all fitness activities

Before you begin

As part of the application, you will be asked to provide answers to the following 4 short questions and 1 essay question. Please note, the essay question must be uploaded as a separate file (PDF, JPEG or PNG).

Short questions (max 500 words per question)

  1. What interests you about fire services?
  2. What qualities do you feel are important for a member of fire services?
  3. Are there any volunteer activities you are involved in (include in-school volunteering)
  4. Are there any sports, hobbies, or other activities you are involved in (include school activities)

Essay question (minimum of 500 words)

What it is you would like to accomplish or achieve by attending Camp FFIT and is there someone who inspired your interest? Describe in detail your interests in fire and emergency services and, if applicable, describe the qualities of the person who inspired you.

Note: This essay is not being evaluated on grammar or punctuation. We want to know more about you, so we encourage you to write it in your own words.


Free (there is no cost to participate)


Camp FFIT application
Note: Application period closes end of day May 24, 2024, and there are a limited number of spaces available.

What's next

Successful applicants will be contacted by phone by June 14, 2024, to confirm participation. All other applicants will be notified by email and those on the waitlist will be contacted if a spot becomes available.

Registration package

Participants will receive a registration package by email that will include additional information and mandatory forms.