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Pet Registration

Cat and dog registration

$25 coupon for each pet registration or renewal. To learn more, view the Ren's Pet coupon flyer or login to MyServiceOttawa.

The Ren's coupon program applies to all pet registrations. If registering online, an email providing the coupon link will be sent to the pet owner within 3 business days.  Please note that pets cannot be registered at Ren's store locations; registration must be completed through the City of Ottawa.

The City of Ottawa requires that cat and dog owners register their pets. This ensures the City has the necessary information to help reunite you with your pet if it becomes lost.  Pet registrations must be renewed on an annual basis.

As of June 20, 2011, all pet registration fees are non-refundable. 

You will receive a numbered metal tag which must be worn on your pet’s collar/harness, particularly when outside of your home. By-law & Regulatory Services will no longer be mailing renewal stickers to affix to your pet’s tag. By-law Officers are equipped with computers in the field, replacing the need to verify registration by way of a sticker on the registration tag

You can register your pet or renew your existing registration:


You can now manage your pet registrations and access expanded service options online through My ServiceOttawa, including:

  • Create new pet registrations
  • Renew existing pet registrations
  • Update and change information to existing pet registrations
  • Request  replacement identification tags
  • Pay fees directly through (MasterCard, VISA, American Express, Interac Online and Visa Debit.)

In person by appointment only

Masks are required to be worn in enclosed public spaces including at City of Ottawa facilities as mandated by province-wide masking regulations.

Service animal registration

You may know that the City of Ottawa requires that cat and dog owners register their pets, but did you also know that service animals are required to be registered as well? Registration ensures the City has the necessary information to help reunite you with your pet if it becomes lost.

Registrations can be done online at My ServiceOttawa, or in person at one of the City’s four Client Service Centres. Fees vary for different pets, but service animal registration is provided free of charge.

Registration fees

Registration fees effective January 1, 2020

Registration fees
Description Fee
for each cat/dog under 6 months of age, which is unsterilized $22
for each cat/dog 6 months of age or older, which is sterilized $22
for each cat/dog 6 months of age or older, which is unsterilized $42
for each dog whose owner has been convicted of permitting the dog to bite or attack, without provocation, a person or domestic animal: $102
for each service animal Free
replacement of first lost identification tag Free
for each additional replacement identification tag $10

Additional registration information

Replace a lost dog or cat tag

If the metal tag becomes lost, damaged or worn out, it can be replaced online at MyServiceOttawa. Tags can also be replaced by calling 3-1-1 or by email. Please include your name, address and tag number. The first replacement tag is free of charge and subsequent replacement tags are $10 each.

Update pet registration information

In order to keep accurate and up-to-date records, please provide any updated information related to either you or your pet(s). Changes to the information (e.g., new mailing address, phone number, etc.) can be updated:

Vaccinate against rabies

Pursuant to the Health Protection and Promotion Act, all cats and dogs must be vaccinated against rabies.  For more information, contact the Public Health Branch via 3-1-1 or visit How I can prevent rabies.

Spay and Neuter Clinic

The Spay/Neuter Clinic is a City-operated facility which provides dog and cat sterilization and microchipping services. Spaying or neutering pets reduces the number of unwanted domesticated animals and the cost of animal control. The Clinic is a revenue neutral service, meaning that fees are set to recover the cost of services without generating a loss or a profit. Fees for service are approved by City Council as necessary to maintain that objective.

The City of Ottawa Spay/Neuter Clinic is a scent-free building, please refrain from wearing scented products in our workplace.

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