Wastewater and sewers

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Water and Wastewater Networks - Interactive Map

Water Distribution and Wastewater Collection Systems map. Information includes the locations of watermains, hydrants, valves, manholes, pipes, inlets/outlets, associated facilities and related details. 

Key information available for pipes within the wastewater collection system includes, length (m), diameter (mm), materials, upstream and downstream inverts, similarly, key information for the water distribution system includes diameter and material which can be viewed in a popup window by clicking on individual pipes in the map view.


The Water and Wastewater infrastructure depicted in this interactive map is derived from existing and collected engineering drawings for the City of Ottawa's Geographic Information System and is protected by copyright. The locations of this infrastructure information is approximate, and should not be used for construction purposes. Data shown in this map and its associated attribute table are presented in MTM 9, NAD83(Original) horizontal datum, and CGVD28(HT2) vertical datum.