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The City delivers new pedestrian and cycling facilities through numerous programs including road resurfacing, integrated road reconstruction, new transit facilities, new development and safety improvements. This approach to improving active transportation is an important part of the City’s Complete Streets policy.

The City also delivers new walking and cycling facilities to address missing links through various active transportation programs (such as the annual Pedestrian Facilities Program, Cycling Facilities Program and the Cycling & Pedestrian Major Structures Program). These programs deliver independent projects to implement targeted active transportation facilities on priority routes citywide. The active transportation programs also work in conjunction with other planned projects to fund active transportation enhancements that would otherwise be out of scope.

This links below provides a summary of recently completed active transportation projects that were constructed with full or partial funding from Transportation Planning Service Area budgets The Project Key provides a source reference where project approval or funding was obtained. Ward numbers are based on the ward boundaries as of project completion.

Active transportation projects opened in 2022

Note: a facility is considered “open” once a cyclist or pedestrian is permitted to use the facility (typically after pavement markings are in place). Other aspects of the project (e.g. landscaping) might still be incomplete.

This list only tracks facilities that were constructed with full or partial funding from Transportation Planning Service Area budgets.

Alta Vista Neighbourhood Bikeway Modifications (Ward 18)

Modifications to: Pleasant Park and Riverside Drive intersection, south end of Frobisher Lane (connection from on-road to off-road), south side of Pleasant Park Road at Rodney Crescent, and connectivity improvements on the west side of Rodney Crescent at the MUP connection. Project also includes a Pedestrian Crossover (PXO) at Lynda lane and Billings Avenue.
Limits: Pleasant Park Drive, Rodney Crescent, Billings Avenue, Lynda Lane MUP and Portage Avenue
Length: 3.7 km
Link: Smyth Road Cycling Safety Improvements and Neighbourhood Bikeway Modifications

Akerson Road Active Transportation Corridor (Ward 23)

Project consists of three new multiuse pathways linked by a PXO on Equestrian Drive, the Eagleson crossride and crosswalks, and sidewalks and bike lanes along Akerson Road and Michael Cowpland Drive.
Limits: Equestrian Drive to Ottawa-Carleton Trailway/Trans Canada Trail
Length: 1.25km
Project Key: OCP2013 P1-29 / ICIP

Larsen Park Link to Eagleson Road (Ward 23)

A new pedestrian facility will be provided to link existing pathways in Larsen Park east to meet the sidewalk on the west side of Eagleson Road. (90m)
Limits: Larsen Park to Eagleson Road
Length: 90 m
Project Key: ICIP

Laurier Bike Tracks and Protected Intersections (Nicholas to Waller) (Ward 12)

Two new protected intersections on Laurier Avenue at Nicholas Street and at Waller Street, connected by 50m of new cycle track (eastbound and westbound) on Laurier Avenue. Protected intersections provide connectivity to new north-south cycling facility on Waller Street and to the Rideau Canal Eastern Pathway.
Limits: Laurier Ave from Nicholas St to Waller St
Length: 300m
Link: East-West Bikeway – Laurier Avenue (Nicholas Street to Waller Street)

Dovercourt sidewalk (Ward 15)

New sidewalk on the south side of Dovercourt from Churchill Avenue to Broadview Avenue
Length: 690m
Link: Dovercourt Avenue sidewalk and bike lanes implementation

Henley Avenue sidewalk (Ward 7)

New sidewalk on the north side of Henley Avenue from Connaught Avenue to Alpine Avenue.
Length: 300 m

Scott Street Protected Bike Lane and MUP Conversion – Phase 1 (Ward 15)

Active transportation enhancements on Scott Street from Holland Avenue to Churchill Ave. Includes additional curb protection for the eastbound bike lane, and conversion of the existing multi-use pathway (MUP) to westbound cycling only with separate designated space for pedestrians.
Limits: Scott Street from Holland Ave to Churchill Ave
Length: 1.9 km
Scott Street Protected Bike Lane and MUP Conversion

Montreal Road complete street (Ward 12)

Construction of a three-lane cross section between Vanier Parkway and St. Laurent Boulevard that includes two eastbound lanes, one westbound lane and cycling tracks/lanes in both directions. Also includes burying hydro lines, implementing streetscaping features, modifications to bus stop and bus shelters, replacing watermain, sanity and storm sewers.
Limits: North River Road to St. Laurent Boulevard
Length: 1.7 km
Link: Montreal Road Revitalization

Belfast Multi-Use Pathway (Wards 13 and 18)

Completion of multi-use pathway along the west side of Belfast Road and east side of Trainyards Drive between Coventry Road and Industrial Avenue.
Limits: Belfast Rd from Coventry Rd to Industrial Ave
Length: 1.35km

Old Second Line Multi-use Pathway link (Ward 4)

A new MUP that completes a missing link from Old Second Line Rd to Terry Fox Dr, providing a direct and safe connection to Kanata Highlands Public School and the MUP located on the south side of Terry Fox. Includes crossrides at the intersection.
Limits: Terry Fox Drive to 110m north of Old Second Line
Project Key: ICIP
Length: 110 m

Bronson Ave and Sunnyside Ave improvements (Ward 17)

Project consisted of two components: a protection intersection at Bronson St and Sunnyside Ave, and cycle tracks leading from the intersection onto the Carleton University campus.
Limits: Bronson Ave & Sunnyside Ave

Bank Street bridge over Rideau Canal Bike Tracks (Ward 17)

Addition of separated cycling facilities and railings to the bridge to improve the safety of all users and maintain the separated space for pedestrians.
Link: Bank Street Canal Bridge Rehabilitation

Active transportation projects opened in 2021

Note: a facility is considered “open” once a cyclist or pedestrian is permitted to use the facility (typically after pavement markings are in place). Other aspects of the project (e.g. landscaping) might still be incomplete.

This list only tracks facilities that were constructed with full or partial funding from Transportation Planning Service Area budgets.

Cyrville Station Pathway to Ogilvie Road

Limits: Cyrville Station to Ogilvie Road (Ward 11)
Project Key: OCP2013 P2-11
Length: 510m

Heron Road Cycle Tracks

Limits: Clover Street to Datacentre Road (Ward 17)
Project Key: OCP2013 P1-19
Length: 700m

Woodroffe Avenue multi-use pathway

Limits: Baseline Station to Norice Street (Ward 8)
Project Key: OPP2013 P1-15
Length: 685m

Lowertown New Edinburgh Neighbourhood Bikeway

The project will provide a new bidirectional connection (east-west) for pedestrians and cyclists along the north side of Boteler Street, which currently lacks any facilities between King Edward Avenue and Cumberland Street.
Project Key: OPP2013 P1-25
Length: 90m

St Patrick Bike lanes from King Edward to Dalhousie

The planned facility is generally on-street bike lane. At the approaches to Cumberland Street and Dalhousie Street a general traffic right-turn lane develops in a mixed configuration with cyclists. There is a single bus stop just west of Cumberland Street, where the bike facility will transition to a new ride over bus platform. This will improve the interactions between cyclists, bus operators and transit users. Transitions to and from intersecting bike routes have been provisioned for with two-stage bike boxes at Cumberland Street.
Project Key: OPP2013 P1-35
Length: 350m

Bay Street Cycling Facility (Ward 14)

Limits: Laurier Avenue to Wellington Street
This project added a protected upgrade the existing northbound bike lane on Bay Street, North of Laurier Avenue as well as a new southbound cycle track on the west side of the roadway (which replaces previous ‘sidewalk cycling’ condition).  All intersections were upgraded to include protected features and accessible pedestrian elements.
Length: 440m

Parkhaven Avenue Sidewalk (Ward 7)

Limits: Georgina Drive to Dresden Crescent
New sidewalk on Parkhaven Avenue from Georgina Dr to Dresden Cres.
Project Key: Missing Links

Aviation Pathway Extension

Limits: St-Laurent Station to Aviation Parkway
Project Key: OCP2013 P2-11

Active transportation projects opened in 2019 and 2020

Note: a facility is considered “open” once a cyclist or pedestrian is permitted to use the facility (typically after pavement markings are in place). Other aspects of the project (e.g. landscaping) might still be incomplete.

This list only tracks facilities that were constructed with full or partial funding from Transportation Planning Service Area budgets.

Flora Footbridge (Ward 17)

Limits: 5th Avenue to Clegg Street
Project Key: OCP2013 S2-1

St. Patrick Street Buffered bike lane (Ward 12)

Limits: Dalhousie Street to King Edward Avenue
Project Key: OCP2013 P1-35

Old St Patrick Street bike lane eastbound and sharrow westbound (Ward 12)

Limits: Beausoleil Dr to Cobourg St Project Key: OCP2013 P1-38

Booth Street Cycle Tracks (Ward 14)

Limits: Sir John A Macdonald Parkway to the National Capital Commission’s Ottawa River Pathway
Project Key: OCP2013 P2-13

Brookfield Multi-Use Pathway (Ward 16)

Limits: Riverside Road to Flannery Drive
Project Key: OCP2013 P1-21

Trainyards Link (Ward 18)

Limits: Industrial Avenue to Coronation Avenue
Project Key: OCP2013 P1-14

Hospital Link Pathway Connection (Wards 17 and 18)

Limits: Smyth Road to the intersection of Hospital Link Road and Ring Road, via Roger Guindon Avenue
Project Key: OCP2013 P1-1

Pimisi Station multi-use pathway linkages (Ward 17)

Limits: New connections to Lett Street and southwest along Albert Street
Project Key: CC-7

Manotick-Osgoode Link (Ward 20)

Limits: River Road to Gough Road
Project Key: CC-10

Cedarview multi-use pathway (Wards 8 and 9)

Limits: Richmond Road to Bruin Road
Project Key: CC-12

McCurdy Drive sidewalk (Ward 23)

Limits: Castlefrank Road north to Dorey Park multi-use pathway
Project Key: OPP2013 (rescoped)

Star Top Road sidewalk (Ward 11)

Limits: Cyrville Road to 50m south of Cyrville Road
Project Key: OPP2013

Grassy Plains Drive sidewalk (Ward 23)

Limits: Bridgestone Drive to Stonehaven Drive
Project Key: OPP2013

Dumaurier Avenue sidewalk (Ward 7)

Limits: Ramsey Crescent to Pinecrest Road
Project Key: OPP2013

McGibbon Drive/Katimavik Road Pedestrian Link (Ward 23)

Limits: Sidewalk on McGibbon Drive from Katimavik Road to Robarts Crescent and multi-use pathway on Katimavik Road from McGibbon Drive to Davis Road
Project Key: OPP2013 (rescoped)

Cummings Avenue sidewalk (Ward 11)

Limits: Cyrville Road to 120m north of Cyrville Road
Project Key: OPP2013

March Road Pedestrian Link (Ward 4)

Limits: Paved pathway through Bethune Park
Project Key: OPP2013 (rescoped)

Nixon Farm Drive Sidewalk (Ward 21)

Limits: Gaps addressed 235m north of Perth Road
Project Key: Dev/Sidewalks

Bank Street Underpass Multi-Use Pathway Project

The City of Ottawa and the National Capital Commissions have provided enhancements to the pedestrian and cyclist multi-use pathway on the Rideau River Eastern Pathway. The construction of a grade-separated crossing below Bank Street, adjacent to the abutment along the eastern shore of the Rideau River, has greatly improved the pedestrian and cyclist experience.
Learn more about the project on the NCC website