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Cycling in Ottawa

The number of people choosing to cycle to work, to school, for errands and for recreation continues to grow every year in Ottawa, across the city.

Cyclists waiting at an intersection

Data counters on the city’s first segregated bike lane installed on Laurier Avenue in 2011 have already recorded over 3 million trips. The numbers continue to increase as residents and visitors enjoy Ottawa’s network of on- and off-street routes.

The Ottawa Cycling Plan 2013 Vision is to:

Develop a city-wide, connected network of cycling facilities actively used by all types and ages of cyclists to meet their transportation needs. This network will be supported by policies and programs that establish Ottawa as having one of the best cycling networks in North America, while maximizing the synergy of transit and cycling. Cycling facilities will be selected to complement local land uses and match the needs of all areas of the city.

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Routes and Maps

New Official Cycling Map for Ottawa-Gatineau and the Outaouais Region now available.

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Winter Cycling Network

Following a recommendation in the 2013 Ottawa Cycling Plan, a network of approximately 40km of cycling facilities will be maintained during this winter season. The Cycling Plan

Winter cyclists
identified several important cycling routes, in addition to those facilities that are already maintained, that form a modest network centered around the downtown core. Cycling facilities will be maintained to the same standard as the neighbouring sidewalk or vehicle travel lanes.

On-street cycling lanes will be plowed following 2.5 to 5.0 cm of accumulation within the timelines identified in the Maintenance Quality Standards (within 24 hours following the completion of snow accumulation). Raised cycle tracks and multi-use pathways will be also be plowed following 2.5 to 5.0 cm of snow accumulation, however they are maintained to a snow packed standard with the exception of those adjacent to arterial roadways. Snow removal will be scheduled when snow banks are encroaching on to 50% of the existing width of the bike lane.

The winter cycling network also can be found on the City's GeoOttawa website, under Cycling > Existing Cycling Network > Winter-maintained network.