Merivale Road North Community Design Plan

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Merivale Road (North) Community Design Plan (CDP)

The Merivale Road (North) CDP is a Council-approved plan and the guiding reference document for shaping development over the next 20 years and beyond. It is to be used when studies, public capital projects and private developments are planned, approved and implemented. This ensures that the CDP vision and design principles are met and that change along Merivale Road within the study area corresponds to the recommendations of the CDP. The document will also be used by residents, businesses, and the community association to build economic success along the corridor and ensure that change in the area is occurring in the manner that was agreed-upon during the public consultation process.

The City of Ottawa Official Plan, Transportation Master Plan, Multi-Modal Level of Service Guidelines, Complete Streets Framework, Urban Design Guidelines for Development along Traditional Mainstreets, Pedestrian Plan and Cycling Plan informed the preparation of this CDP. At the time future development applications are reviewed, the CDP should be read together with these documents. Where there is a discrepancy between the documents and the CDP, the CDP policies will take precedence given its context-specific relevance to the CDP area.

Merivale Road (North) Community Design Plan [ PDF 12.747 MB ]