Regional Road Corridor Design Guidelines and Arterial Road Cross-Sections

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Building Better and Smarter Suburbs (BBSS) and Infrastructure Standards Review: Arterial Road Cross-Sections

Following policy directions in the Building Better and Smarter Suburbs: Strategic Directions and Action Plan report, City staff set up a working group to review existing arterial road cross-sections that included representatives from multiple City Departments and the Greater Ottawa Home Builders Association. The objective of the review was to recommend options to modify the design guidelines for future urban arterial roads in a way that is economical, practical, functional, and effective while corresponding with contemporary design best practices.

The recommended Arterial Road Cross-Sections were approved by Planning Committee on October 24, 2017 and by City Council on November 8, 2017.

The new cross-sections are supplemental to the Regional Road Corridor Design Guidelines (2000) by providing more up-to-date guidance on specific road design matters such as cycling facilities and medians. As a result, new urban arterial roads are expected to be safer, more land-efficient, and less expensive to build and maintain.

Approved Arterial Road Cross-Sections [ PDF 5.884 MB ]