Over-dimensional vehicle permit

Vehicles that exceed the standard or ordinary legal size and/or weight (as determined by the Highway Traffic Act) that wish to travel within or through the City of Ottawa require an Over Dimensional Vehicle (ODV) permit. Over Dimensional Vehicle Permits are issued under the authority of the Over-dimensional Vehicles on City Highways By-law No. 2003-497. Over-dimensional vehicles are those that meet or exceed the following dimensions:

  • Height: 13’-6’ (4.15m)
  • Width: 8’-6” (2.6m)
  • Length: 68’-9” (21m)
  • Weight: 140,000 lbs (63,500kg)

Before you begin

Permits may be subject to seasonal load restrictions depending on the time of year that applicants apply for a permit. Learn more about seasonal load restrictions.

Truck routes have been established to ensure the safe and efficient moving of goods and equipment while maintaining mobility for all roadway users and also to protect city infrastructure from damage. Please refer to the Urban Truck Routes and Rural Truck Routes lists for more information. A reminder that any vehicle or trailers with a gross vehicle weight in excess of five tonnes or 11,000 pounds per axle are prohibited on roads where restriction signage is posted, and on all truck routes identified as restricted on the Urban Truck Routes and Rural Truck Routes lists. These restrictions also apply to all non-truck routes.

Permit Types

The City of Ottawa has the following permit types available:

  • Annual – This permit is issued for a period of one year with certain restrictions. Processing Timelines: Seven business days
  • Project (up to 6 months) – permits valid for a six-month duration. Additionally, trips must always follow the same route. Processing Timelines: Seven business days
  • Single Trip – one time move for a single vehicle. The permit is tied to a specific vehicle and license plate. In certain contexts, additional approvals may be required. Processing Timelines: Three business days
  • Single Trip Super Load – Additional approvals are required. This is a one-time move for a single vehicle where the load exceeds:
    • gross weight in excess of 120,000 kilograms;
    • length of 45 metres or greater; and/or
    • width of 6 metres (two-lane highways) or 7 metres (multi lane highway). Processing Timelines: 10 business days

What you need

Permit Requirements

Before starting your application, please be advised the following information will be required:

  • The type of permit
  • The dates of the move
  • The dimensions (height, weight, length and width) of the vehicle, including the trailer
  • The route of the move (street names, no rural route numbers), including origin and destination
  • For all Single and Superload Permit applications - The license plate number of the vehicle


Starting January 1, 2024, the City of Ottawa will be requiring online payment at the time of submission of an Over-Dimensional Vehicle (ODV) Permit application to the City’s Right of Way (ROW) Permit Office.

Payments can be made using Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Visa Debit, Mastercard Debit, and Interac Online. To ensure full cost recovery and due to the high costs associated with payment card processing, the City will be applying as part of the overall permit application the associated service fee costs to the City for processing payment cards. Currently, a service fee of 1.99% is applied to Credit and Debit card payments, while Interac Online payments are subject to a flat rate of $0.49 fee per transaction. Please note, Interac Online is only offered through a select number of financial institutions. For example, under the current 2023 fee structure, the 1.99 per cent credit card service fee for an Annual Permit would be $7.26.

While this new process will help to streamline the issuance of ODV Permits please note that payment at the time of application does not guarantee the issuance of an ODV Permit, or an ODV Permit based on the dates, routes, and conditions requested. Permit fees are based on the costs associated with reviewing and processing applications.

Please also be advised that all permit fees continue to be subject to annual budgetary increases.

How to Apply

Step 1: Review the permit requirements and collect all information

Step 2: Complete and submit the application form and pay the non-refundable application fee.

NOTE: if you wish to have a copy of this application for your records, please print or save a copy of the application before submitting and continuing to 'pay online' as you will not automatically receive a copy once it has been submitted.  Fees are non-refundable.

Step 3: City staff will review the application and contact you if they have any questions.

The permit will be emailed to the applicant once it has been approved.

Where to apply

Electronically at ROW_Permit_Office@Ottawa.ca 

Cost and timelines

Cost (2024 rates)

  • Annual: $374.00
  • Project (up to 6 months): $283.00
  • Single Trip: $114.00
  • Single Trip - Super Load $907.00

Processing time

The City requires a minimum of 10 business days processing time, but some permit types may be able to be issued faster (see Permit Types above).

Processing timelines will increase depending on project complexity, location, other factors including adjacent works, and overall permit office volumes.

Requirements and restrictions

Downtown Core Restrictions

  1. No over-dimensional vehicle movements in the downtown core from 7 a.m. to 9:30 a.m. and 3:30 p.m. to 6:00 p.m.
  2. Over-dimensional vehicle movements between 6 am and 6 pm subject to downtown core escort requirements.

Load Restrictions

Permit not valid during load restriction periods or on roads/bridges with posted load restrictions.

Vehicle Escort Requirements

All Over-dimensional vehicle movements subject to escort requirements.

Road Construction

It is the permit holder’s responsibility to review the transport route prior to the move to account for any detours, lane reductions or construction limits.

The driver of an over-dimensional vehicle on a highway shall produce a true copy of an over-dimensional vehicle permit with this Application Form attached, when so demanded by a police officer, an officer appointed by the City or the MTO (Ministry of Transportation of Ontario) for carrying out the enforcement of this by-law.

For truck routes, please consult Ottawa.ca/ODV. Please refer to the Over Dimensional Vehicle By-Law (2003-497) for more information.

The City may revoke an over-dimensional vehicle permit issued under this by-law if it was issued on mistaken, false or incorrect information, if it was issued in error, or if the holder thereof is in contravention of the Over Dimensional Vehicle By-law 2003-497, as amended.


Questions? Contact the Right of Way Permit Office, row_permit_office@ottawa.ca or by calling 613-580-2424, ext. 16000 or 3-1-1