Temporary road closure

When conducting construction works or as part of development in the municipal right of way, a Temporary Road Closure may be required. City approval is required in advance of temporarily closing any city road, sidewalk or bike lane. Additional review is required for the closure of City roads and as a result may extend timelines to issue a permit. Temporary road closures are governed by the Road Activity By-law No. 2003-445.

Beginning January 2, 2023 the City will begin collecting fees for Temporary Road Closure applications under the following scenarios/requests:

  • New Temporary Road Closure Requests (no change).
  • Requests to extend Temporary Road Closure dates after the authorization has been issued.
  • Revisions to Temporary Road Closure dates after the authorization has been issued.

Before you begin

A minimum of 15 business days notification to the City is required prior to closing a road.

Road closures may be associated with or part of a Road Cut application form.

What you need

Permit requirements:

  • The plan for the work and its location
  • A completed sketch and Temporary Road Closure Application Form;
    • Sketches should indicate the planned closure and detour and include a north arrow, the location of sidewalks, bike lanes, bus stops, parking meters, turn lanes and the number of lanes on the road.
  • The anticipated start date
  • The duration of the work
  • The name of the permit holder and the person undertaking the work
  • A telephone number that will be maintained and answered at all times (24 hours, seven days-a-week) from the date of the notice until the completion of the work.

Permit holders, at least ten days prior to commencing the work, are responsible for notifying every resident, tenant and business located beside or near where the work will take place, in writing and in both official languages. Additionally, permit holders are to notify the Ward Councillor of the work.

Permit holders are required to display City approval of the Temporary Road Closure at the site of the road closure.


Step 1: Review the permit requirements and gather required information.

Step 2: Plan the road closure, including making a sketch of the area to be closed.

Step 3: Complete and submit the Temporary Road Closure Application Form online.

Step 4: The Right of Way Permit Office will contact the permit applicant to obtain payment (non-refundable) for the Temporary Road Closure fee(s).

Step 5: Permit applicants will be notified of city approval for the Temporary Road Closure by the Right of Way permit office.


Non-refundable permit fee: $1,140.00


If you have any questions regarding Temporary Road Closures, please contact inspection_office@ottawa.ca or 613-580-2424, ext.16000