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New Official Plan

The Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing has issued a Notice of Decision to approve the City’s New Official Plan, adopted by By-law 2021-386, and has subsequently repealed the previous Official Plan (By-law 2003-203). The content on this webpage is no longer up-to-date and will be updated with the in-effect policies and schedules in the coming weeks.

File No.:           06-OP-205766
Municipality:     City of Ottawa
Subject Lands: All lands within the City of Ottawa

Date of Decision: November 4, 2022
Date of Notice: November 4, 2022


With respect to an Official Plan Amendment under subsection 17(34) of the Planning Act

A decision was made on the date noted above to approve, with thirty (30) modifications, the new City of Ottawa Official Plan as adopted by By-law No. 2021-386.

Purpose and Effect of the Official Plan

The approval of City of Ottawa’s new official plan, as modified, repeals and replaces the in- effect official plan adopted by the city in 2003 and all amendments thereto. The new official plan outlines a comprehensive land use policy framework to guide growth and development within the city to the year 2046, including policies and schedules that address housing and growth management; long-term planning for employment and infrastructure; protect water resources, natural heritage and agricultural areas; manage non-renewable resources; plan for climate change; and safeguard public health and safety.

The thirty (30) modifications to the official plan have been made by the Minister to address provincial policy direction and government priorities related the long-term protection of provincial highways, wetland protection, monitoring of affordable housing and increasing housing supply.

The new official plan applies to all lands within the City of Ottawa.

Decision Final

Pursuant to subsections 17(36.5) and (38.1) of the Planning Act, the decision of the Minister of Municipal Affairs and Housing regarding an official plan adopted in accordance with section 26 of the Planning Act is final and not subject to appeal. Accordingly, the new City of Ottawa Official Plan, as approved with modifications by the Minister, came into effect on November 4, 2022.

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Getting Additional Information

Additional information is available on the City of Ottawa’s website or by contacting the Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing:

Municipal Services Office – Eastern Region
8 Estate Lane
​​​​​​​Kingston, ON K7M 9A8

The City of Ottawa Official Plan provides a vision for the future growth of the city and a policy framework to guide the city's physical development to the year 2031. It is a legal document that addresses matters of provincial interest defined by the Planning Act and the Provincial Policy Statement. It also serves as a basis for a wide range of municipal activities. These include the:

  • Assessment of applications for new development or redevelopment of land.
  • Planning for and approval of public works and infrastructure (such as roads, and parks)
  • Guidance to Comprehensive Zoning By-law and changes to zoning
  • Planning for new communities and existing areas undergoing change.
  • Preservation of natural systems and the wise use of resources
  • ​Consultation and soliciting opinions from the community 

Consultation and soliciting opinions from the community The Official Plan of the City of Ottawa was adopted in 2003 and applies city wide. The Official Plan also includes Secondary Plans and Site Specific Policies to provide more detailed guidance in specific circumstances or locations. The Official Plan and Secondary Plans may be amended from time to time as part of a regular review or by application (Official Plan Amendments). As these changes are approved they are consolidated into the online documents. The consolidated Plan can be accessed below or from  the navigation bar to the left.  


The consolidations of the Official Plan, Secondary Plans and the amendments thereto, are prepared for reference purposes only. While the City makes every effort to ensure the accuracy of the information contained herein, the reader is advised that as these publications are office consolidations, in situations where legal accuracy is important, the Adopting By-law itself and any amending by-laws or OMB decisions must be consulted.

Official Plan Amendments

Official Plan Amendments adopted by the City are listed and accessible in Annex 13 of the Official Plan, with the accompanying Committee Report. For further information contact 3-1-1 and request to speak to the Development Information Officer (DIO) for the geographic area in question.

Current Major Updates

The two following major updates to the Official Plan were adopted as part of a comprehensive review of the City’s Official Plan completed in 2013 and 2016. These updates have not been included in the consolidated Official Plan.

Official Plan Review: Official Plan Amendment #150 Under Appeal

Official Plan Amendment #180 Awaiting Ministry Approval Approved by the Minister on August 8, 2017 and Partly Under Appeal

Copies of individual Official Plan amendments can be obtained at the following locations:
City Hall Client Service Center
1st Floor, 110 Laurier Avenue West

Central Archives
100 Tallwood Dr. (Corner of Woodroffe)
Ottawa, Ontario
FAX :613-580-2614