Development planning and building funding

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Brownfields Redevelopment Program

Financial Incentives for Brownfields Redevelopment


Various financial incentives are available for promoting brownfield development including grants, property tax assistance and reductions in development charges.


Year round, subject to Council approval


Wendy Tse, Coordinator (A)
Front-Ending Agreements and Brownfields Program
613-580-2424, ext. 12585


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Heritage Grant Program for Building Restoration

A heritage grant of up to $10,000 for small-scale buildings, and up to $25,000 for large-scale buildings is available on a matching basis to assist owners of heritage buildings designated under Part IV or Part V of the Ontario Heritage Act for restoration work. An owner can apply for grant funding once every two years. The grant program is based on availability of funding which is approved by City Council as part of the annual budget.

Applications are accepted from October 9 to December 8, 2023.


Taylor Quibell, Heritage Planner
Planning, Real Estate and Economic Development Department
City of Ottawa
613-580-2424 ext. 74708



For the following grants and contributions, the amounts listed in this section represent actual grants and contributions disbursed in the specified year by the Corporation of the City of Ottawa, under Section 107 of the Municipal Act. The recipients listed in this section are the organizations or aggregate groupings of private households / individuals who received the funds directly from the City of Ottawa, without the City receiving goods or services in return. The administration of grant and contribution programs funded wholly by the City is governed by the corporate Grants and Contributions Policy.

The information reported may differ from information reported elsewhere on or to Committee and Council for the following reasons:

  • Certain programs report allocations when they are approved
  • Final payments to recipients could differ. Certain programs combine municipal grants and contributions with other types of funding when reporting their activity
  • Certain recipients listed are sponsors who redistribute the funds to other organizations or private households / individuals
  • Payments made may relate to a program that occurred in a prior year, and likewise, payments related to a program could occur in a future year
  • Negative amounts represent funds returned to the City

Financial information does not include the following:

  • Purchases of service, which are conditional payments for services delivered by non-governmental organizations for services that are part of a City program, or for which the City has some other form of direct responsibility
  • Federal and Provincial programs, where money flows through the City of Ottawa
  • Goods in kind, services, assets and subsidies provided by the City that are not associated with funding programs