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Skating schedules

Skating programs have been suspended since October 10. We are currently planning for skating programs to resume in December, depending on the COVID-19 situation.

Skating fees

Public skating is on a first-come, first-served basis. Pre-purchasing a ticket or membership doesn’t guarantee admittance.

You can pay for skating at rinks in City recreation facilities with your membership, a pre-paid ticket, a credit card or debit. At stand-alone arenas, you must pay with your membership, a pre-paid ticket or exact change. The attendant cannot make change.

2020 General skating fees

  • Children two years and under: Free
  • Children three to four years: $2
  • Children five years and older, youth, students, adults and seniors: $3
  • One to two adults and their children: $7.75

2020 specialized skating fees

Specialized skating includes shinny hockey, pick up hockey, figure skating and speed skating.

  • Children and youth: $3
  • Adults and seniors: $6.75

Helmet use

Children aged 10 and under must wear a CSA-certified hockey helmet at all City indoor arenas in order to be allowed on the ice.

CSA-certified hockey helmets:

  • Provide optimal protection from head injury during on-ice activities.
  • Are designed to provide multi-impact protection from multiple directions.
  • Are strongly recommended for everyone participating in on-ice activities at all types of rinks.

For more information on helmet safety visit Ottawa Public Health

Indoor public skating rules

As of February 1, the only accepted type of helmet for children 10 years and under is a CSA-certified hockey helmet. We recommend that all skaters (especially new skaters) wear a CSA-certified hockey helmet. Bicycle, ski and snowsport helmets are not permitted.

Please follow the rules to ensure everyone has a safe and pleasant skating experience.

  • Respect staff at all times.
  • When the whistle sounds, listen to and follow staff instructions.
  • Immediately report any accidents or injuries to staff.
  • All skaters 10 years and under must wear a CSA-certified hockey helmet. We recommend that all skaters wear a helmet. Bicycle, ski and snowsport helmets are not permitted.
  • Skaters with medical conditions requiring a modified or specialized helmet are welcome.
  • Only people wearing skates are permitted on rink.
  • Skate at a sensible and safe speed in the same direction as other skaters.
  • The middle of the ice surface is reserved for children and less confident skaters.
  • Hockey pucks and sticks are not permitted during skating sessions.
  • During supervised skating sessions, children seven years and under must be accompanied by a responsible person 16 years or older.
  • You are personally responsible for ensuring that you can participate in physical activities.
  • Anyone with a condition affecting their ability to participate must take appropriate safety precautions. They should be accompanied by an adult who understands their condition.

The following activities are not permitted on the ice. You could be asked to leave the facility if you do them.

  • Carrying children (including baby carriers).
  • Using headsets, cell phones or hand-held electronics.
  • Bringing food or drinks on the ice.
  • Rough play, speed and figure skating, and multiplayer games (such as tag and races).
  • Foul language or inappropriate behaviour.

Wheelchairs, strollers and skating aids

  • E-Z gliders are permitted as a skating aid during family and public skating.
  • Wheelchairs and strollers are permitted during family and public skating.  They must be accompanied by a responsible person 16 years or older who is wearing skates.
  • Babies must be safely secured in their strollers.
  • Clean sand and salt off wheels before going on the ice.
  • CSA-approved helmets are required for wheelchair and stroller occupants over 12 months.
  • Wheelchairs and strollers should stay in the perimeter of the ice near the boards.

Ice cleaning and maintenance

Public skating sessions may be reduced to maintain and clean the ice. Staff are responsible for safe ice conditions and will make final decisions.

Skating membership

2020 membership fees

Browse skating membership fees

Where to get a membership 

Rent ice

The following measures are in place for arena rentals while the provincial orange-restrict regulations are in effect:

  • A maximum of 25 people, including coaches and officials, are permitted on the ice at any time. 
  • Games and practices may not allow for physical contact between players.
  • A ratio of 1:1 participant to parent/guardian will be permitted in the arena for the supervision of children under the age of 18, to a maximum of 25 per booking. Spectators other than parents/guardians are not permitted.
  • Change rooms are only open for skate tying. Participants should arrive dressed in their gear. Showers remain closed. Change rooms have a limited capacity of 7 to 12 people at a time. Participants will have access to the building 20 minutes prior to their booking and must vacate the building within 20 minutes after their booking.

Arena bookings can be made by emailing or phoning 613-580-2595.

Teams must have valid insurance of a minimum $2 million inclusive per occurrence for bodily injury, death and damage to property in one of the following forms:

  • Commercial General Liability,
  • Special Events Liability,
  • Home Owners’ Personal Liability, or
  • Tenants or Condominium Owners’ Personal Liability

Insurance shall name the City of Ottawa as an additional insured. Coaches names must be listed on the policy if they are using their organizations insurance. Affordable insurance is available through City of Ottawa Centralized Allocations staff for your convenience. A valid Insurance certificate must be submitted when requesting booking, otherwise insurance will automatically be added.

Participants must adhere to all Provincial gathering restrictions and requirements from their respective sporting regulatory bodies. In addition, the City has implemented COVID-19 safety measures in City facilities. Please also arrive dressed in your gear as much as possible.

Browse information regarding credits and refunds for cancelled rentals.

Rent last-minute ice

Take advantage of a reduced rate by renting last-minute ice. Last-minute ice is booked in one-hour increments. All last-minute rental sales are final.

  1. Log in using your Family PIN.
  2. Search for arenas with last-minute ice available in the next 15 days. Availability is updated daily.
  3. Submit a rental request form.
  4. Staff will contact you within two business days to confirm your rental request.

Ice rental definitions

  • Minor: 18 years and under.
  • Adult: 19 years and older.
  • Minor recognized: Sanctioned activities by minor associations in May and June.
  • Prime time: Between September 1 and April 30, weekdays from 4 pm to 11 pm; on weekends and statutory holidays from 6 am to 11 pm.
  • Non-prime time: Between September 1 and April 30, weekdays from open to 4 pm and 11 pm to close; on weekends and statutory holidays from 11 pm to close.
  • Last-minute ice: Discounted ice time booked the same day or up to 15 days before the rental date.
  • Training ice rental: Available for two consecutive hours during non-prime time, for a maximum of six skaters per hour.

Recreational skating school

The City offers recreational skating classes at nine locations:

  • Bernard-Grandmâitre Arena
  • Brewer Pool and Arena
  • J.A. Dulude Arena
  • Jim Durrell Recreation Centre
  • McNabb Recreation Centre
  • Barbara Ann Scott Arena at the Pinecrest Recreation Complex
  • Tom Brown Arena
  • Sandy Hill Arena
  • Jack Charron Arena

Classes are offered seven days a week. Everyone two years and older is welcome. Skaters must wear a CSA-approved hockey helmet.

Private lessons for 25 or 50 minutes with a certified instructor are available. The skills covered depend on the participant’s level. To register for private lessons, please call 613-580-2424 ext. 41460.

Additional programs include I Love to Skate, Autism Pilot and special arrangements with schools and businesses.

Register now or call 613-580-2596 for more information.