Arena and last-minute ice rentals

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Rent ice

The following information addresses the rental of ice that is available beyond 15 days from the reservation date.

Rentals within 15 days may be secured online as outlined in Rent last-minute ice.

See also, Hourly arena rental rates.

Teams must have valid insurance of a minimum $2 million inclusive per occurrence for bodily injury, death and damage to property in one of the following forms:

  • Commercial General Liability,
  • Special Events Liability,
  • Homeowners’ Personal Liability, or
  • Tenants or Condominium Owners’ Personal Liability

Insurance shall name the City of Ottawa as an additional insured. Coaches' names must be listed on the policy if they are using their organizations insurance. Affordable insurance is available through City of Ottawa Centralized Allocations staff for your convenience. A valid Insurance certificate must be submitted when requesting booking, otherwise insurance will automatically be added.

  1. Check availability by calling 613-580-2595 or emailing
  2. Complete the application form.
  3. Please provide alternative locations as your preferred site may not be available or suitable for your event. Clearly indicate which locations are your second or third choice.
  4. Please ensure that all fields have been filled out correctly.
  5. We will review the application form and, if needed, request more information regarding your event. This process varies in length of time.
  6. We will email you a contract and information on how to pay. Review, sign and return a copy to The contract will be valid once we receive payment and a signed copy of the contract.
  7. On the day of your event, bring a copy of your contract and your receipt.

Rent last-minute ice

Last-minute ice can now be booked online at Register Ottawa.

Take advantage of a reduced rate by renting ice that is available within the next 15 days. Last-minute ice is booked online in one-hour increments. All last-minute rental sales are final.

Please review the Terms and Conditions before booking.

To book last-minute ice online, go to
Sign in to an existing account or create a new account.
Search for availability
Select Last-minute ice from the home page.
Enter a facility name in the Search by keywords field. It’s not necessary to use “Search by date and time” as we’ll get to that at the next step.
Review the facility details. Select your name or the name of the organization under Who are you reserving for? Set the event type to Last-minute ice and add the number of attendees.
Select Dates and times. Multiple reservations may be added to one permit. You can add additional times at the same arena, by selecting Add more bookings.
Select Apply then Proceed.
Confirm your event details and enter an Event name so the arena operator knows what to expect.
Review the times you’ve selected. You can modify and delete time slots from your booking if needed.
Select whether you require the $2 Million General Liability insurance. If your organization is not covered by its own insurance, select Yes to purchase insurance through the City of Ottawa and select the type of booking.
Read and accept the waivers and agreements.
Select Reserve. If you want to book additional last-minute ice at another facility, select “Add another resource”.
Pay Review your order summary, read and accept the Reservation Waiver. Select Check out.
Enter your credit card information or select your saved a credit card and enter the CVV, then Select Pay.
You will see a confirmation screen and will receive confirmation emails with your receipt and permit. Please have the permit available either in electronic or printed form when you go to the arena. Remember, all last-minute ice bookings are final sale. Last-minute ice can be booked online no less than 24 hours in advance and no more than 15 days in advance.

How to book last-minute ice

Last-minute ice can be booked online at Register Ottawa.

1. Sign in or create an account

Sign in to an existing account:

  • Visit on your computer, tablet, or mobile device.
  • Click on the orange Sign-In/Up button.
  • If you already have a Register Ottawa account, enter your email and password, and select Sign-In.

Create a new account:

  • If you don't have an account, click on "Don't have an account? Join" below the Sign-in/Up button.
  • Enter your email and follow the instructions in the verification message from donotreply@ to activate your account.

Recover password:

  • To recover your password, select "Forgot your password?" on the Sign-in page.
  • You will receive a Reset password email from donotreply@

2. Search for availability

  • Select "Last-minute ice" from the home page.
  • Under Resource Search, use “Search by keywords” to find a facility.
  • It is not necessary to use "Search by date and time" at this stage.
  • Search results will appear; select the facility you want.

3. Review and select dates and times

  • Review facility details and select your name or organization under "Who are you reserving for?"
  • Set the event type to “Last-minute ice” and specify the number of attendees (maximum of 50).
  • Select “Dates and times” to reveal availability.
  • Choose the desired dates and times; additional times can be added.
  • Select “Apply”, then “Proceed”.
  • Bookings can be made online 24 hours to 15 days in advance. For same-day bookings, contact

4. Confirm your booking

  • Confirm event details and enter an event name, specifying the team/group name and type of activity.
    • Example: Team name – hockey practice.
  • In “Booking information”, review and modify booking times if necessary.
  • Indicate whether you require $2 Million General Liability insurance.
    • Insurance is mandatory.
    • $2 million is the minimum amount for all on-ice activities.
    • Organizations not covered by their own insurance must select “Yes” to purchase insurance through the City of Ottawa.
  • Read and accept waivers and agreements.
  • Select “Reserve” to complete the booking or "Add another resource" for additional bookings.

5. Payment process

  • Review the order summary and accept the Reservation Waiver.
  • Select “Check-out”.
  • All outstanding balances must be paid at the time of booking.
  • Choose the payment method (saved credit card or new entry).
  • Enter CVV and validate billing address for the first transaction.
  • Optional: Store your credit card for future use.
  • Select “Pay” and receive a confirmation screen.
  • You will receive two emails: one confirming the booking and another with the receipt and attached permit.
  • Print the receipt or keep it in electronic form for access at any time.
  • Access your receipt through My Account > Transaction and Payment History.

Note: All last-minute ice bookings are final sale. Ensure you have the permit available, either in electronic or printed form, when visiting the arena.

Hourly arena rental rates

Fees shown do not include HST. Applicable taxes will be added during the payment process.

Fall and winter ice rentals - September to April

  • Adult prime time: $331.88 
  • Minor prime time: $198.94 
  • Non-prime time: $154.76 
  • Commercial: $341.60 

Off season ice rentals - May 1 to August 31

  • Adult/minor: $331.88 
  • Minor recognized (May and June only): $198.94 
  • Last minute ice: $198.94 
  • Commercial: $341.60 

Last-minute ice rentals

  • Prime time: $198.94
  • Non-prime time: $154.76

Slab rentals

Rental rates for concrete when the ice is removed.

  • Adult slab: $58.66 
  • Minor slab: $36.55 
  • Commercial slab: $68.18 


Ice rental definitions

  • Minor: 18 years and under.
  • Adult: 19 years and older.
  • Minor recognized: Sanctioned activities by minor associations in May and June.
  • Prime time: Between September 1 and April 30, weekdays from 4 pm to 11 pm; on weekends and statutory holidays from 6 am to 11 pm.
  • Non-prime time: Between September 1 and April 30, weekdays from open to 4 pm and 11 pm to close; on weekends and statutory holidays from 11 pm to close.
  • Last-minute ice: Discounted ice time booked the same day or up to 15 days before the rental date.
  • Training ice rental: Available for two consecutive hours during non-prime time, for a maximum of six skaters per hour.

Specific Terms and Conditions for arena use

Contract holder: please read all of these provisions.

  1. The contract holder agrees that each hour of rental shall consist of not more than 50 minutes of ice time, the balance of each hour being devoted to ice maintenance. To ensure quick turnaround time, user groups are asked to vacate the ice immediately following the rental time in order to avoid any schedule delays.
  2. The contract holder agrees that ice time is not to be exchanged between organizations without prior authorization from allocation staff.
  3. Dressing rooms must be vacated within 25 minutes of the end of the ice rental period specified in this agreement.
  4. Alcoholic beverages are prohibited in the arena, dressing rooms and accessory premises, unless authorized by the City of Ottawa, and unless the appropriate permits have been obtained.
  5. No one will be allowed on the ice surface:
    1. during operation of the ice surfacing machine;
    2. until the ice resurfacing has been completed and the gates have been fully closed;
    3. at any other time when directed by the site staff; and
    4. for a purpose other than the one(s) stated on the Ottawa Rental Contract.
  6. Walking on the ice surface with footwear to gain access to the player’s benches, penalty box and timekeeper’s station is not permitted.
    1. Walking on the ice surface to respond to an emergency and provide trainer assistance, or skating on the ice to prepare the ice surface for the game, is permitted provided the designated person assigned by the coach is wearing a CSA approved helmet. Coaches are required to ensure CSA approved helmets are readily available. Coaches are responsible to ensure coaches from visiting districts, outside of the City of Ottawa, are made aware of this requirement.
    2. Walking and skating on ice is considered a voluntary action and will be deemed to indicate acceptance of the associated responsibilities, actions, obligations, dangers, hazards and risks. In the event of death or injury caused by walking or skating on the ice surface; the contract holder hereby agrees to indemnify and save harmless, release, waive and discharge the City of Ottawa, its employees, volunteers and agents from all liability, claims, demands, causes of action, loss, costs or damages that the City of Ottawa may suffer, incur or be liable for as a result of such death or injury.
  7. It is recommended that groups using City of Ottawa facilities be equipped with proper first aid supplies and have a person trained in First Aid, AED and CPR in attendance during the use of the facility.
  8. Minors (under 18) must be accompanied by an adult supervisor at all times.
  9. The City shall not be held responsible for any failure in supplying ice due to circumstances beyond its control. In the event that the contract holder is not occupying the contracted arena within 30 minutes of the start time indicated on the contract, the use of the arena will revert to the City of Ottawa at the contract holder’s expense.
  10. A 25% non-refundable deposit will apply to special events, tournaments and camps held between July 1 and August 31 upon confirmation of the booking.
  11. When a cancellation is made the following graduated cancellation fee will apply for seasonal ice users (September to April):
    1. 60 days or more: 25% cancellation fee
    2. 31 to 59 days before: 50% cancellation fee
    3. 0 to 30 days before: 100% cancellation fee
    4. Exception: Clients will have up to 30 calendar days from the day of use to cancel when:
      1. Rental times for occasional non-seasonal use
      2. Rental times for tournaments and play offs
      3. Off season ice (May 1 to August 31)
      4. Slab bookings
  12. Changes to contracts can only be considered subject to availability of hours.
  13. Refer to Clause #27 of the Ottawa Rental Contract General Terms and Conditions for insurance requirements.

CARHA Hockey

For Adult Recreational Hockey Programs, insurance coverage is available for purchase by contacting the Canadian Adult Recreational Hockey Association (CARHA Hockey) directly at (613) 244-1989 or by e-mail at For the information of contract holders, the City of Ottawa also administers an affordable third-party liability insurance program that you can purchase directly from your city/community partner representative.

  1. As a proactive risk management practice, arena contract holders are encouraged to ask their participants to:
    1. Complete a PAR-Q form, which determines whether players should check with their doctor before becoming more physically active. Copies of PAR-Q forms are available on the following website:
    2. Complete the Consent, Assumption of Risks & Indemnity Form, attached as Annex A. Completed Consent, Assumption of Risks & Indemnity Forms should be maintained for two (2) additional years after the game program has ended.
    3. The City of Ottawa recommends that all necessary protective equipment be worn for the appropriate sport. The vast majority of head 4 and facial injuries received in hockey are preventable. Help reduce face and head injuries by encouraging players to wear full head and facial protection, including a helmet and mouth guard.
  2. The contract holder shall be responsible for making its members, users and participants aware of these terms and conditions and for making a copy of the terms and conditions available for inspection by its members, users and participants, if requested.


Non-compliance with the terms and conditions of this contract could result in the immediate suspension of the contract(s) or a written warning. A second incidence of non-compliance will result in the cancellation of the contract. Note: These terms and conditions are reviewed annually.