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Gallery 112


The gallery features exhibitions developed by the City of Ottawa Archives as well as local and regional heritage and arts organizations.

Ginny Fobert - Inside Out Upside Down

Is it inside out or upside down? Is it a painting or is it a photograph?

Once told that photography was not art, Ginny Fobert believes that a photograph is made, not taken. It is made in your own mind and with your own eye, and it can indeed be art!

Inside Out Upside Down will showcase her newest works creating compelling pieces of art using various photographic techniques and processes. The pieces in ‘Inside Out Upside Down’ have been created by an in-camera double exposure, with the second exposure taken with the camera flipped upside down. Each photo has then been post processed exposing the ghostly shadows of the double exposure.

January 11 to February 23

Location and hours

Location and contact

Central Archives - James K. Bartleman Centre
100 Tallwood Drive
Ottawa, ON, K2G 6J9

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  • Tuesday to Friday, 9 am to 4 pm
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