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Street lights and signs

Find out everything you need to know about street lights and signs: how to find decommissioned street name signs, how to report street lights that aren’t working and the appropriate response times, and how to find locates before digging on your property.

Decommissioned street name signs

Buy your own little piece of Ottawa. Park Place and Boardwalk have nothing on names like Bank Street and Laurier Avenue. You can own any one of a number of Ottawa street name signs.

With the renaming of a number of streets to avoid duplication, many street names from former municipalities have been removed from service. Signs that have been replaced for normal maintenance reasons are also available for purchase. These decommissioned signs can be purchased for $10 each.

Select your favourite signs from the alphabetical list below. Only the signs listed are currently available for purchase. However, the selection will change as old signs continue to be replaced as needed. If the sign you want is not listed, check back periodically to see if it becomes available. All signs are sold on a first come, first serve basis.

Purchasing instructions

After you have made your selection, send your request by e-mail to You will receive an e-mail reply confirming your order. Your sign will be available for pick up any time after you receive confirmation. Signs can be picked up at 175 Loretta Ave. N. from Monday to Friday between 8 a.m. and 3 p.m.  Payments are due when the sign is picked up. The payment will be due in the form of Interac, Visa or Mastercard.

Any sign not picked up within 14 days will be returned to the list of signs available for sale.


(as of February 12, 2018)

Street Name



Aintree Pl 1
Alderbrook Dr 2
Alson Mills Way 2
Andover Pl 3
Angus Dr 1
Armstrong St 2
Arundel Ave 1
Ashgrove Cres 1
Assomption St 1
Avenshire Gate 1


Bainbridge Ave 1
Bainbridge Crt 1
Barrington St 1
Basin Ct 1
Bateman Dr 2
Beechcliffe St 1
Birchview Rd 1
Blackheath 2
Blythdale Rd 3
Borealis Cres 1
Braco St


Bradgate Dr 1
Brady Ave




Brian Coburn Ave 1
Briarwood Way 2
Bridlegate Place 2
Bronson Pl 2
Brookdale St 1
Bullman St 2
Burke St 1
Burland St


Butterfly Walk 1


Cadrian Cir 1
Cambrian Rd 1
Canfield Rd 1
Carbrooke St 1
Carlaw Ave 1
Carmella Cres 1
Castleton St 1
Castlethorpe Cres 1
Centrepointe Dr 1
Charing Rd 3
Charlemagne Blvd 1
Chartwell Ave 2
Cheswick Pl 1
Chrysalis Way 1
Claiborne Way 1
Claremont Drive 1
Clarendon Cir 1
Cockburn St 1
Colonel By Dr 1
Colonel Murray St 1
Condie St 2
Contour St 1
Convair Pvt 1
Cosburn Ave 1
Country Glen Way 1
Cove Island Terr 1
Cremona Pl  1
Crestmount Pl 1
CrossKeys Pl 1


Darly Pl 1
Davidson Dr 1
Delmar Dr 1
Delong Dr 1
d'Émard Cres 1
Des Visions Pl 1
Dundee Ave 1
Dundonald Dr 1
Dunhaven St 1


Eastvale Dr 1
Elvaston Ave 4
Emerald Meadors Dr 1
Emslie Ave 1
Epworth Ave 2
Europa Pvt 1


Fairhill Cres 3
Finter St 1
Foliston St 1
Forlan Dr 1
Fountainhead Dr 1
Fulton Ave 1


Garland St 1
Garrick Ct 1
Gaspe Ave 1
Gatestone Pvt 1
Georgina Dr 1
Gibbard 1
Glamorgan Dr 1
Glasgow St 1
Glenarden Crt 1
Glendenning Dr 2
Glenmanor Dr 1
Glenmoriston Ave 1
Glenmount Ave 1
Glenview Pl 1
Goldridge Dr 1
Goulbourn St 1
Gowrie Dr 1
Grafton Cres 1
Grassy Plains Dr 1


Halkirk Ave 1
Hallendale St 1
Harthill Way 2
Hemmingwood Way 4
Henbury Way 2
Henley St 3
Hepburn Crt 1
Highbury Dr 1
Hilda St 1
Hinchey Ave 1
Hinton Ave N 1
Holland Ave 1
Howden Ave 1
Hunter's Glen Cres 1
Hyde Park Way 1


Innswood Dr. 1
Ilkley Cres 1
Infusion Pvt 1
Inlet Private 1


Jack Aaron Dr 2
Jansen Rd 1


Kanata Ave 1
Kayburn Ave


Kelvin Cres


Kenaston St 1
Kentsdale Dr 1
Khamsin St 1
Khymer Ct 2
Kilborn Ave 1
Kimdale St 1
Kirkstall Ave 3
Klondike Rd 1
Knoxdale Rd 1
Koffman Crt 1


Laurier Ave W 1
Laxford Dr 1
Leacock Dr 1
Leamingon Way 1
Lenester Ave 5
Leopolds Dr 1
Lewis St 1
Lockhart Ave 1
Longleaf Dr 1
Lowry St  1
Loyola Ave 1


Maitland St 1
Malarctic Ave 1
Manorgate St 1
Maplewood Ave 1
Marble Arch Cres 3
Mattamy Pl 4
Maxime St 1
McClelland Rd 5
Meadowbank Dr 1
Medhurst Dr 1
Melfa Cres 2
Merton St 1
Midinah Gate 1
Midland Cres 3
Midpark Way 2
Minaki Ave 1
Moorcroft Rd 1


Newark St 2
Newland Dr 1
Noren Ave 1
Norgold Cres 1
Northgate St 1
Northgraves Cres 2


Oakridge Blvd 1
O'Connor St 1
O'Meara St 1
Orient Park Cres 1
Oriole Dr  1
Ottawa St 6
Oxford St 1


Pamplona Pvt 2
Parkdale Ave 5
Parkfield Cres 1
Parkglen Dr 1
Parkhaven Ave 2
Parkhurst Blvd 1
Pemberton Cres 2
Pepperville Cres 3
Pinecrest Rd 1
Pinehurst Ave 1
Pinepoint Dr 2
Pinewood Cres 2
Pinhey St 1
Polytek St  1
Portobello Blvd 1
Prentiss Way 1
Prince of Wales Dr 1




Randboro Cres 1
Redenda Cres 2
Regal Cres 1
Richmond Rd 1
Ridgepark Pvt 1
Rosemeade Pl 1
Roundhay Dr 1
Royal York St 2


Saddleridge Dr 1
Sandridge Rd 1
Scarlet Crt 1
Sevenoak Ave 1
Shoreham Ave 1
Solano Dr 1
Spikemoss Place 1
St Laurent Blvd 3
Stonemeadow Dr 1
Strathbury St 1
Strathmore Blvd 1
Suffolk St 2
Systemhouse Dr



Tarrywood Court 1
Tenth Line Rd 1
Thornburn Priv 1
Tintern Dr 1
Tompkins Ave 1
Torrington Pl 1
Torsa Crt 1
Trimble Cres 1
Tyne Crt 1



Ventanna Way 1
Vermeer Dr 1
Viewmount Dr 1



Waterbend Ln 1
Weatherston St 1
Wellesley Ave 1
Wellington St  1
Westhall Way 1
Westpointe Cres 1
Willisbrook Dr 1
Wincanton Dr 1
Witherspoon Cres 1
Wolverton Cres 1
Woodcrest Rd 1
Wynford Ave 1

Report a problem with street lighting

The City of Ottawa is responsible for the operation and maintenance of the street lighting system within City boundaries. City staff administer the program and maintain the system through the services of several lighting maintenance contractors.

In order to expedite repairs and reduce confusion, please provide a municipal address that references the street light or sign’s location.

Please call 3-1-1 if the streetlight issue is related to the following:

  • Traffic signals or traffic signs.
  • Hand hole cover open or missing exposing wires
  • Knocked down streetlight
  • Damaged light such as broken glass, hanging arm, Construction activity (square or rectangular cut in road)
  • Missing or loose manhole cover

Report street lighting

For all emergency requests call 3-1-1. If this service is not available to you please call 613-580-2400. All other Service Requests will be triaged and addressed as operations allow.

Street lighting response times

Nature of Problem

Maximum Response Time



1 to 9 lights out

Maximum 7 working days

10 to 20 lights out

Next working day

More than 20 lights out

Within 24 hours

Arterials, Commercial and Industrial Roads


1 to 4 lights

Maximum 7 working days

5 to 10 lights

Next working day

More than 10 lights out, or all lights within an intersection

Within 24 hours

It should be recognized that these are guidelines, and timelines may vary slightly to allow for operation considerations and to ensure safe conditions.

Underground locates

Digging near Your House?

Before you dig, call Ontario One Call at 1-800-400-2255 or visit their website.

The City and other services have underground locates running in many backyards, front yards and side lots. Underneath your house, you could find:

  • Gas pipelines
  • Electrical services
  • Telephone and cable TV infrastructure
  • Water and sewer connections
  • Streetlight or traffic signal wiring

Ontario One Call co-ordinates with all organizations who own infrastructure in your area.

Therefore, all residents and excavators must call before they dig. Locates are free to obtain and should be requested at least 5 days prior to any planned excavation. You may not proceed with your digging until all locates are identified. If locates are not obtained and infrastructure is damaged, the homeowner and/or contractor is 100 per cent responsible for all costs associated with repairs.

Do You Need Emergency Locates?

For emergency locates, please call Ontario One Call at 1-800-400-2255. As of June 15, 2014, the City of Ottawa will no longer action direct requests for locates.