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Rates and Fees

Understanding the service fees required by the City of Ottawa will prevent any surprises on your water, wastewater and stormwater bill.

Annual rate increase – January 1, 2018

Effective January 1, 2018 the water and sewer rates have increased based on the budget approved by Council. Revenue from water charges support the City of Ottawa’s commitment to provide residents with high-quality drinking water, while reducing the risk of flooding and renewing existing infrastructure.

Water service rates 

 The table below illustrates the 2018 rates:


2017 Rate

2018 Rate


$1.891 (per cubic metre)

$1.953 (per cubic metre)

Sewer surcharge

117% of Water Charges

120% of Water Charges

Fire Supply

$44.50 (residential annual rate)

$46.28 (residential annual rate)

What impacts the cost of water services?

Extensive resources are needed to provide water, stormwater and wastewater services to Ottawa residents. The City delivers water and sewer services that consider:

  • Public health protection
  • Environmental protection
  • Provincial legislation, regulations and standards
  • Economic development
  • Infrastructure renewal and rehabilitation

How can I reduce my water consumption?

The City of Ottawa continues to encourage residents to use water wisely as a means to conserve water and reduce your water and sewer bill. For useful tips on water conservation, please visit our conservation section.

Fire supply charges

This charge is used to pay for the fire hydrant system in order to ensure that in the event of a fire there is adequate water flow to fire hydrants. This charge applies if your property is within an area equipped with fire hydrants (most urban properties).

The flat fee is calculated by first determining the City's full cost required to support adequate water flow to hydrants. Then, each residential and commercial property is given a weighting factor according to their meter size. Finally, each individual property is billed a flat fee that represents their relative portion of the overall cost.


Online payment service

The secure third-party payment service provider, Paymentus Corporation, charges a service fee for online payments using a credit card, Debit or Interac Online banking card. The service fee is applied at a rate of 1.99% for credit card and Debit card transactions, and a flat fee of $0.49 for Interac Online payments.

Payment distribution fee: $28

If you have moved or you have more than one water and sewer account, you must ensure all your water and sewer accounts have been individually set up for internet/telephone banking or when making a payment at your financial institution. If a payment has to be transferred from one account to another, a $28 fee will be incurred.

Account history / Bill reprint: $38

Should you require an account history /bill reprint, please send us your request in writing with a $38 payment for every year/bill requested. Please mail your request and payment to Revenue Services, 100 Constellation Drive, 4th Floor East, Ottawa, ON  K2G 6J8.

Alternatively, forms are located at all City of Ottawa Client Service Centres where payment for service can be made in person and staff will forward your request(s) to our office.

Requests for refunds

Refund: $28

A fee applies when producing a refund to cover the cost of refunding credits to clients when credits are not the result of an error by the City.

Opening a new account

The City established two fees that will affect residents who are opening new water accounts.

  • Meter Verification/Installation Fee: $96
    This fee is charged when a new meter is installed to cover the cost of verifying that the water meter has been installed correctly. This is a one-time fee.
  • New Account Fee: $70
    This fee is charged when setting up a new water account

Change of ownership/occupancy fee: $44

Each time the name on the account changes, it is considered to be a change of ownership/occupancy, and the change of ownership/occupancy fee applies.

Reminder notice fee: $7.75 per notice

All water accounts issued a Reminder Notice will be charged $7.75 to cover the production, mailing and administrative costs. 

Receipts fee: $38

Only ONE water bill is issued. Should you require a receipt, return the entire bill with your payment. If a duplicate bill is required, a $38 charge will apply.

Transfer to tax fee: $43

Accounts left unpaid after the second consecutive billing will be transferred to the corresponding tax account and will incur a $43 administrative fee.

Water and sewer arrears certificate fee: $70

Anyone can apply for a Water and Sewer Arrears Certificate which is a statement of outstanding charges on a water and sewer account.

Water shut off and turn on fee: $92

The water shut off and turn on fee is $92 (2018 rate) each and will be charged to the property's water bill.

Returned payment fee: $45

If your payment cannot be processed or is not otherwise honoured by the bank you will be charged a Returned Payment Fee for each account the payment was originally applied to.

Late payment penalty

A penalty for late payment of 1.25% is added the day following the due date and every month thereafter until the account is paid.

For more information, please contact:

City of Ottawa, Revenue Services
100 Constellation Drive, 4th Floor East
Ottawa, ON  K2G 6J8
Tel: 613-580-2444
TTY: 613-580-2401
Fax: 613-580-2457

Hours of operation:  weekdays, 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. (June to August, 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.) 

Please quote your account number and service address on all correspondence, or have it handy when you call.

Your call may be recorded for quality assurance and training purposes as well as confirming client requests and directions.

*Note: All Fees are subject to annual review by Council.

Last updated:  November 22, 2018