Ottawa’s wastewater treatment plant

About the Robert O. Pickard Environmental Centre (ROPEC)

  • Provides secondary level treatment (physical and biological) of domestic, commercial and industrial wastewater - returning treated water to the Ottawa River
  • Situated on 67 hectares of land adjacent to the Canotek Business Park in Ottawa East. 28.4 hectares remains available for future growth
An aerial view of the Robert O. Pickard Environmental Centre.


  • Originally built in 1962, providing primary level treatment, and called the Green’s Creek Pollution Control Centre
  • Expansions in 1971 and 1975 to provide needed capacity for the growing City
  • Major expansion and rehabilitation from 1988 to 1993 increasing treatment capacity, improving biosolids processing, and adding odour control. Level of treatment improved from primary treatment to include biological secondary treatment
  • Renamed for Robert O. Pickard, retired Commissioner of Works in the former Regional Municipality of Ottawa-Carleton
  • Mr. Pickard helped initiate an expansion and upgrade of the centre to provide Ottawa with improved wastewater treatment capacities
  • Addition of dechlorination process in 2013 to remove chlorine prior to discharge of treated water to the Ottawa River