Problem graffiti and how to report it

Hate graffiti

Hate graffiti is motivated by hate, bias or prejudice, based on race, nationality, ethnic origin, language, colour, religion, sex, age, mental or physical disability, sexual orientations, or any similar factor.

Offensive graffiti

Offensive graffiti is generalized as being obscene or offensive in nature such as but not limited to, swear words or sexual drawings, and is not hate based.

Vandalism graffiti

Vandalism based graffiti includes writing, painting or etching a symbol or "tag" that may or may not contain letters and is not considered offensive or hate based graffiti, and is made without permission or consent from the property owner.

Report problem graffiti

Don’t ignore problem graffiti – report it! You can create a service request to report graffiti on public and private property.

  • Public property and assets include City of Ottawa property, utility boxes, schools, National Capital Commission and other government property, newspaper vending boxes and railways.
  • Private property includes residential housing, businesses, commercial and industrial buildings.

Hate graffiti

For all locations, please call Hate Graffiti, Ottawa Police: 613 236-1222 immediately.

Offensive or vandalism graffiti

Offensive or vandalism graffiti can be reported by calling 3-1-1 or online:

Graffiti on OC Transpo property

OC Transpo property includes buses, trains, bus stops, bus shelters, benches, garages, or OC Transpo administrative buildings.