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Addressing (By-law No. 2014–78)


By-laws contained in this section have been prepared for reference purposes only. Every effort is made to ensure the accuracy of this information; however it is not to be used in place of actual by-laws.

Actual by-laws can be obtained at the following locations:

City Archives
James Bartleman Centre
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Ottawa, Ontario
tel.: 613-580-2857
fax : 613-580-2614

Ottawa Public Library
120 Metcalfe, Ottawa Room

Addressing (By-law No. 2014–78)

Addressing By-law No. 2014–78

A by-law of the City of Ottawa respecting the naming of private roads and highways and the numbering of buildings and lots and the repeal of By-law 2002-521 and By-law 2005-322.