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About Trinity Art Gallery

Owned and operated by the City of Ottawa’s Community Galleries Program, the Trinity Art Gallery features the works of local and regional artists in two exhibition salons. Artists are selected through an annual peer assessment process.

For more details see the Shenkman Arts Centre web site.

vue d'un exposition installée

City of Ottawa Museums and Historic Sites - Community Healers: Portraits and Practices

January 31 to April 16, 2024

Community Healers shares the stories of individuals and groups who provided their neighbours with medicine, care, and relief across Ottawa’s history. A selection of artefacts from public and private collections alongside contemporary artworks will explore the lasting impact of these community healing practices.

Presented by the City of Ottawa Museums and Historic Sites.

With five unique destinations across Ottawa, the City of Ottawa Museums and Historic Sites offer visitors of all ages a chance to connect with local history and share meaningful experiences through exhibitions, artefacts, programs, workshops, and special events.

City of Ottawa Museums and Historic Sites, Medicine Wagon, ca. 1890, CM1989.010.001

An 1890s red horse-drawn medicine wagon

City of Ottawa Museums and Historic Sites, Interior of Dr. James Ferguson Pharmacy, ca. 1909, NN6313

the interior of Dr. James Ferguson Pharmacy circa 1909

City of Ottawa Museums and Historic Sites, Dr. Ferguson, Scale, CM1976.001.033 A-D

Vintage scale

Diane Smith and Margie Puckering - The Feminine Principle

November 30, 2023 to January 23, 2024

The paintings, sculptures, and drawings by Diane Smith and Margie Puckering depict the tabooed suffering of the female self and other living with dis-ease. Their complementary, intuitive, process-oriented approaches raise awareness about postmodern suffering and the vulnerable impermanence of the human body and mind.

With three degrees underpinning her career, Margie Puckering (1949-2009) had many exhibitions that featured her perspective on the human condition. She taught art classes for youth and spent two years as the Solo Exhibit Coordinator for the Foyer Gallery.

Diane Smith studied at Ottawa art institutions, completed a bronze sculpture apprenticeship, and taught art in schools and communities. Her works in solo and group exhibitions, commissions, and private collections bear witness to our shared humanity and search for connection.

Arteast - Mosaic

September 14 to November 28, 2023 

Mosaic is Arteast’s highly anticipated annual exhibition that showcases the best works of art in a variety of media from Arteast members. It is the largest juried exhibit in Ottawa. Artworks on display include the submissions that were evaluated by a jury and successfully received an award. Arteast Ottawa is a 30-year-old, not-for-profit organization that is governed by numerous volunteers.

Collage of images taped one over another depicting figures and daily life

Opposites Attract! The Duality of Art in the Plant Kingdom

June 15 to September 12, 2023

Two exhibitions connect under the theme of plants:  

Plant Portraits: In the tradition of botanical art, members of the Ottawa Society of Botanical Artists portray plants with accuracy and artistry.  

Garden Florals: With expression and impression, painters Kerri Weller and Peter Cunningham explore different approaches to interpreting the flora of their gardens.

paintings of flowers