Day care parking permit

The day care parking permit is to provide a safe and convenient manner for the drop-off and pick-up of day care users (i.e. children), without a significant disruption to the availability of on-street parking or the operation of the street.

This allows the establishment to have a temporary pick-up and drop-off zone along the street, where vehicles can stop for the purpose of picking up children. “No Parking” zones are established on-street adjacent to the day care centres and permits are then issued to provide special fifteen minute privileges for loading and unloading only in that zone.

Permit holders can park for no more than fifteen minutes only in the defined area that corresponds to the permit.

What you need

The applicant must complete an online application form and provide:

  • A list of licence plate numbers and Province of issuance of each vehicle for which permits are required.  

Note: New applicants must provide evidence that they are the administrative manager of the day care and justification for the required number of parking permits.


$305.00 per year (2024)


Day care parking permit application

We are currently experiencing longer than usual delays in processing permit applications. We encourage you to submit your application as early as possible.

Note: Refunds are not available for this permit.