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Rural Economic Development Strategy and Action Plan (REDS)

Through the development and implementation of the REDS, Ottawa will be well-positioned to be a national leader in rural economic development, in particular, a leader in the urban/suburban/rural economic dynamic.

Economic development update  

The City of Ottawa Economic Development Update provides an overview of quarterly and annual economic indicators to the city’s economy.

Smart City 2.0 – Ottawa’s Smart City Strategy

Smart City 2.0 is centred on three goals of achieving a Connected City, a Smart Economy, and an Innovative Government

Ottawa Music Strategy

The three-year Ottawa Music Strategy (2018-2020) aims to support the growth of Ottawa’s emerging music industry and establish Ottawa as a global music city.

Locate Ottawa

Locate Ottawa is the City of Ottawa’s bilingual online geographic information system-based tool that provides immediate access to key information for site selectors and businesses looking for a new or expanded location.


The City of Ottawa is the fourth largest city in Canada with an area of 2,760 square kilometres. geoOttawa can help you find your way around the city. Search by address, intersection, street segment or by facility.