Civic Events Funding - closed

2023 Civic Events Fund approved projects [ 250 KB ]

The City of Ottawa invites local not-for-profit organizations, such as community groups and associations to apply for up to $3,000 in Civic Events funding. This funding is used to deliver family-friendly events in local Ottawa communities and neighbourhoods. Events should:

  • Promote neighbours meeting neighbours in their local community.
  • Include multiple activities, family entertainment and attractions.
  • Appeal to residents in a specific neighbourhood, district or ward.
  • Promote community well-being by welcoming all community members.
  • Promote equity and inclusion.
  • Consult the 2023 Civic Events Funding Process [ 285 KB ] for more information.

Before you begin

  • Please review all the information tabs carefully before you submit your application
  • Only one application per organization will be considered
  • Only one application per event will be considered
  • All supporting documents must be in the same legal name as the applicant organization
  • Applications will be accepted between February 6 and March 10, 2023, for events taking place in 2023


Eligible events include, but are not limited to, events that:

  • Are held over one or two consecutive days
  • Have free admission to enter the event
  • Are primarily planned and executed by volunteers
  • Are open and promoted to the public in the geographic neighbourhood where the event is being held
  • Are held on or before December 31, 2023

Ineligible events include but are not limited to:

  • For profit activities/events
  • Major arts and cultural festivals and major agricultural fairs
  • Events with a citywide mandate, whose scope and audience outreach extends to the entire city
  • Self-promotional, marketing activities or fundraising initiatives
  • Capital projects
  • Commercial ventures, conventions and tradeshows
  • Events where the public can only participate as a spectator, including but not limited to parades, sporting events, contests, tournaments, concerts
  • Events that require membership, or adherence to a faith to participate, or that contain political, religious or discriminatory programming

Eligible organizations/associations must meet the following conditions:

  • Be a non-profit organization
  • Have been in existence for at least 2 years
  • Have an organizational mandate that aligns with the Community Funding Framework priorities [ PDF – 202 KB ]
  • Demonstrate financial viability
  • Be in good standing with the City of Ottawa
  • Operate in a non-discriminatory manner as set out by Ontario's Human Rights Code
  • Be governed by a democratically elected Board of Directors or Steering Committee
  • Be located in Ottawa and serve residents of Ottawa

Applicants cannot be:

  • Sponsored by another non-profit or charitable organization
  • Faith-based organizations whose services/activities include the direct promotion of and/or required adherence to a faith or religious practice
  • For-profit organizations or ventures
  • Organizations which act primarily as a funding source for other groups
  • Hospitals, clinic-based services or medical treatment programs
  • Organizations of political affiliation or which have a mandate to conduct political activities
  • Other levels of government or organizations proposing programs within the legislated mandate of other governments
  • Provincial/national organizations, unless a local chapter/branch exists to explicitly serve the residents of the city of Ottawa
  • School boards, primary and secondary schools, post-secondary institutions
  • Sports clubs

What you need

The application must include, but not be limited to:

  • Event details, including a clear description of all proposed activities, entertainment and attractions
  • Event budget
  • Expected attendance numbers
  • Event location

You must attach the following to your application:

  • Names and addresses of all Board of Directors or Steering Committee members
  • A copy of your organization’s most recent year-end financial statements

You are responsible for obtaining all the necessary permissions, permits and insurance to put on the event. Consult the City of Ottawa Event Guide [ PDF - 9.98 MB ] for information on these requirements.


Applications are closed.

What's next

All applications will be assessed through an allocation committee process.

An applicant’s success in obtaining funding depends upon the allocation committee’s final evaluation and the amount of funding available.

Final decisions will be communicated April 24.

If you are approved for funding, you must provide a valid certificate of insurance that includes the City of Ottawa as an additional insured under your policy. If you are renting a City park or facility and have a rental contract, this requirement is waived because the insurance is covered in the contract. The level of general liability insurance required is at least $2,000,000.


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