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Available commemorative street names for City-Wide use

Since the adoption of the Commemorative Naming Policy in 2002, the City of Ottawa has approved the commemorations below. For more information about this list, please contact namingottawa@ottawa.ca.

Names previously approved through the commemorative naming process and available for use city-wide:

Name of Nominee Street Name Approval Reason for Commemoration
John Kim Bell John Kim Bell March 2003 Commemorating John Kim Bell for his many achievements in the arts and for his contributions to the Aboriginal community.
Joséphine Marchand Joséphine-Marchand October 2015 Founded the monthly magazine Le Coin du feu, the first periodical in French edited by a woman.
Helen McKiernan Helen McKiernan April 2017 Helen was the second of only two women in Canada to manage a major international airport. She also has an extensive community service record.
Katerina Mertikas Katerina Mertikas June 2017 Local artist recognized for her unique painting style, “naïve expressionism”. Katerina strives to convey positive messages of peace, love, friendship and innocence in her artwork.
Dominic D'Arcy Dominic D'Arcy December 2017 Recognized as "Ottawa's singing policeman", Dominic continues to use his musical talents to be a leading voice for community service and social responsibility after a 36 year career with the Ottawa Police Service.
Jim Rader Jim Rader April 2018 Long-time community volunteer, organizing inclusive volleyball sessions for 30 years among other community initiatives.
Gary Michaels Gary Michaels January 2021 Long-time radio and broadcasting personality in the Ottawa Valley. Along with his broadcasting career, he volunteered and participated in several charities and events.
George Foss George Foss July 2021 A mechanic, blacksmith, bicycle repairman and inventor of the first successful gasoline-powered automobile built in Canada, which was later referred to as “Fossmobile”.
Michael A. Jordan Mike Jordan September 2021 Former Principal and recipient of the Governor General’s Meritorious Service Medal for de-escalating an armed teenager who attacked students and staff with a knife, prevented a serious situation from escalating into tragedy.

Available commemorative street names for designated wards

Names previously approved through the commemorative naming process and available for designated wards:

Name of Nominee Street Name Ward Approval Reason for Commemoration
Dr. John F. Puddicombe Puddicombe Ward 17 – Capital July 2010 Commemorating Dr. John F. Puddicombe, the doctor who delivered Princess Margaret Francisca, the third daughter of Princess Juliana of the Netherlands and the first and only North American-born princess.
Des Adam Des Adam Ward 5 – West Carleton-March May 2013 Des Adam has a long record of public and community service in Ottawa, serving two terms as an Alderman on Kanata City Council and two terms as Mayor of the City of Kanata.
John Fermoyle John Fermoyle Ward 22 – Gloucester South Nepean September 2013 Historical significance as an early settler along the Jock River at Heart’s Desire.
Irving Taylor Irving Taylor Ward 11 – Beacon Hill-Cyrville, Ward 18 – Alta Vista February 2014 Member of the Ottawa Royal Canadian Air Force (RCAF) Flyers, who won the gold medal in ice hockey for Canada at the 1948 Winter Olympics.
Bernard (Bunny) and Joan McCann Clan McCann Ward 1 – Orléans, Ward 12 – Rideau Vanier November 2016 Bernard (Bunny) and Joan McCann headed a large musical family comprised of their sixteen children. The family would perform at benefit concerts around the City of Ottawa, entertaining crowds and fundraising for various charities and initiatives. Both Bunny and Joan were award-winning, active volunteers and community leaders.
Garry Hamilton Garry Hamilton Ward 9 – Knoxdale - Merivale January 2017 Long-time community volunteer with exceptional contributions to the community.
Marcel Laplante Marcel Laplante Ward 18 – Alta Vista February 2017 Marcel was the President of Ideal Roofing Company. He was also very involved in the community as a member of Vanier Richelieu Club and supporter of several charities. He championed francophone causes in the City, and his efforts helped keep the Montfort Hospital open as the region’s only bilingual hospital at a time of hospital amalgamation.
Wilfrid Champagne Wilfrid Champagne Ward 12 – Rideau Vanier March 2017 Life-long resident and leader in Eastview/Vanier who demonstrated his commitment to this community by serving as the area's Alderman, Councillor and Mayor and working as a civilian member of the RCMP.
Roland Colonnier Roland Colonnier Ward 12 – Rideau-Vanier March 2017 Alongside his partners, Roland established the first Francophone law firm in Eastview. He also served in various community groups and institutions.
Peter Tilley Peter Tilley Ward 11 – Beacon Hill-Cyrville April 2017 Peter worked at the Ottawa Food Bank and the Ottawa Mission for 20 years and continues to make a positive impact on the lives of residents, the community and the City.
Malala Yousafzai Malala Ward 22 – Gloucester-South Nepean June 2017 An honorary Canadian citizen, Malala became the youngest Nobel Peace prize recipient at age 17. She has made significant contributions towards improving social justice around the world by fostering equality, reducing discrimination and promoting education for women, girls and children.
Fred Dashper Dashper Ward 7 – Bay December 2017 A pilot during World War II, Fred received the Distinguished Flying Cross award for his numerous achievements, including flying 38 missions over enemy territory without losing a single crewmember.
Brownrigg Family Brownrigg Ward 20 – Osgoode February 2019 Many generations of the Brownrigg Family have resided in the Osgoode Ward, resulting in historical significance to the community.
Kenny Gordon Kenny Gordon Ward 20 – Osgoode February 2019 An established developer, long-time resident in Osgoode Ward, and quiet supporter of several Ottawa and local charities.
Bower Henry Bower Henry Ward 7- Bay, Ward 8 - College September 2019 A military veteran with the Royal Canadian Field Artillery in the early 1900s, Bower returned to Canada and purchased a dairy farm. He became Councillor of Nepean in 1912, 1st Deputy Reeve from 1913 to 1915, and Reeve from 1916 to 1918.
Olusegun Raji Segun Raji Ward 22 – Gloucester-South Nepean January 2021 A community leader, pastor and supporter of several Ottawa and local charities/initiatives.
O’Connor Family O’Connor Farm Ward 1 – Orléans, Ward 2 – Innes, Ward 16 – Cumberland July 2021 A mixed farming operation for many years; known for its working collaboration with pharmaceutical and medical researchers, for the provision of pregnant mare’s urine (PMU) for use in pharmaceutical/estrogen products for women.
Gordon Kettles Gordon Kettles Ward 20 – Osgoode, Ward 21 – Rideau-Goulbourn July 2021 Served the community as a firefighter for 35 years and was an active member of Kiwanis in Manotick.
Craig Duncan Craig Duncan Ward 6 – Stittsville November 2021 An active member of the community and engaged as a volunteer.
Sarah Lavalley Sarah Lavalley Ward 5 – West Carleton-March, Ward 7 – Bay December 2021 An Anishinaabe artist, midwife, nurse, and community leader that was bestowed the Order of Ontario in 1981, the Order of Canada and the Pro Ecclesia et Pontifice medal in 1982.
Joseph Watson Joseph Watson Ward 22 – Gloucester-South Nepean August 2022 Joseph Watson was a farmer, an entrepreneur, and a well-known breeder of racehorses.
Gord Atkinson Gord Atkinson Ward 6 – Stittsville, Ward 9 – Knoxdale-Merivale October 2022 Gord Atkinson was a well-known figure across Ottawa’s entertainment industry. His fundraising contributions raised over $1-million dollars for the Ottawa Hospital.
Carl Gillis Carl Gillis Ward 22 - Riverside South-Findlay Creek March 2023 Carl Gillis’ life and career was dedicated to public service and improving the lives of Canadians. As a resident of Ottawa, Carl lived his life a born leader and made important contributions on the national and local stage.
Lt-Col Jessie Chenevert Jessie Chenevert Ward 22 - Riverside South-Findlay Creek May 2023 Lt-Col Jessie Chenevert joined the Royal Canadian Army Medical Corps in May 1953, serving as a nurse during the Korean War. Jessie continued her service in the armed forces for another 25 years, retiring as the Director of Nursing at the National Defence Medical Clinic.