Have your say on the new policy framework for voluntary donations for community benefits

Published on
April 12, 2024
Council, committees and City Hall
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The City of Ottawa is seeking public input regarding the role of Members of City Council in soliciting, facilitating and accepting voluntary donations for community benefits.

Current policy framework and Council direction

On January 24, 2024, Council approved a motion that directed staff to develop an updated policy framework for voluntary contributions for community benefits in order to:

  • Ensure consistency of approach and application
  • Improve transparency
  • Have a prescribed delegation of authority for the allocation of resources
  • Provide a toolkit and scripts to help bring uniformity and clarity to these discussions for all parties involved

The City does not currently have a policy that applies to Members of Council who solicit and/or facilitate voluntary donations for community benefits. There is a Council-approved Donations to the City for Community Benefit Policy, but this does not apply to Members of Council.

How to participate

Visit Engage Ottawa for more information and to share your feedback on voluntary donations for community benefits that are solicited and/or facilitated by Members of Council. The survey will be open for responses until Tuesday, April 30.

Your input will help inform the updated policy framework, which will be brought forward for consideration by the Finance and Corporate Services Committee and City Council no later than July 2024.

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