Health care parking permit

The health care parking permit provides a special privilege to persons requiring regular in-home health care in dwellings that have insufficient off-street parking, and where streets have time limit restrictions that are typically shorter than the duration of the in-home care visit. One permit will be issued per household, where the individual demonstrates that in-home care is required. Exceptions may apply under extreme circumstances, as outlined in the policy. The resident is responsible to retain and distribute the permit to the health care provider.

What you need

The applicant must complete the application form and provide:

  • documentation from a health care professional or agency that confirms that necessary in-home health care services are being provided;
  • description of the type, frequency and typical duration per visit of in-home health care being provided.


There is no cost associated with this parking permit.


Health care parking permit application

We are currently experiencing longer than usual delays in processing permit applications. We encourage you to submit your application as early as possible.