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Women and gender equity strategy

Women and Gender Equity

What is it?

The Women and Gender Equity Strategy [ 3.95 MB ] (WGES) was developed to ensure that the City of Ottawa’s services, strategies, and plans integrate a women and gender lens and promote women and gender equity.

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A gender lens

A gender lens is a process of assessing the implications for women and other gender groups of any planned action, including legislation, policies or programs and resource allocations in all areas and at all levels.

Intersectionality of women and gender equity

This strategy recognizes that people’s lives are shaped by their multiple and overlapping identities and social locations, which, together, can produce a unique and distinct experience for that individual or group. Therefore, strategic priorities and outcomes address the need to meet the unique needs of Indigenous, racialized, older women, immigrant women, and gender diverse persons.

How we developed the strategy

Engagement with community groups, residents and partners played a major role in shaping the priorities of the strategy. The WGES Public Engagement Findings Report [ 544 KB ] and  2SLGBTQ+ Service Needs, Gaps and Recommendations Report [ 2.97 KB ] summarize what we heard during the public consultations.

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