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Land Surveys and Research Reports

Vacant Industrial and Business Park Lands Survey

The Inventory of Vacant Industrial and Business Park Lands Survey reports on the inventory of vacant industrial and business park land in the urban and rural areas of the City of Ottawa.

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Research reports

Annual Development Report 2017 [ PDF 4.520 MB ] — provides yearly updates and analysis on demographic data, employment, housing, the office and industrial markets and the retail and tourism sectors, summarizes development activity in the City of Ottawa, and measures these, where applicable, against the City's Official Plan objectives. The report also evaluates Ottawa's competitive positioning vis-à-vis Canada's other major cities.

Annual Development Report 2016 [ PDF 4 MB ]
Annual Development Report 2015 [ PDF 4.563 MB ]
Annual Development Report 2014 [ PDF 4.246 MB ]
Annual Development Report 2013 [ PDF 6.475 MB ]
Annual Development Report 2012 [ PDF 5.760 MB ]
Annual Development Report 2011 [ PDF 5.493 MB ]
Annual Development Report 2010 [ PDF 3.970 MB ]

The Residential Land Strategy [ PDF – 3.7 MB ] is an important background report to the 2009 Official Plan review that led to Official Plan Amendment 76. It summarizes the analysis used to determine the need for additional urban land, and identifies target areas for intensification, density and intensification targets for different areas, and actions required to support intensification.

The Ottawa Employment Survey 2012 [ PDF - 4.1 MB ] provides detailed information for planning transportation, infrastructure and land use, in addition to painting a picture of the city's economy by employment.