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Quick Facts

As the capital of Canada, the City of Ottawa is home to close to one million people and is the fourth largest municipality in the country. With a vibrant technology sector, high median household income and affordable living costs, Ottawa is a great place to live, work and play. Here are some quick facts about Ottawa.

Statistics on Ottawa’s economy with the largest tech park and federal employment node in Canada. 566,000 jobs and an unemployment rate of 6.3 per cent

Statistics on Ottawa’s geographic size of 2,796 square kilometres. Ottawa is larger than the cities of Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, Toronto and Montreal combined.

Statistics on Ottawa’s median family income of $102,000 and average housing costs of $394,000, based on 2016 information.

Statistics on Ottawa’s population 970,000 versus the Census Metropolitan Area (CMA) of Ottawa and Gatineau 1.3 million, based on 2016 information.

Statistics on Ottawa’s talented, young, entrepreneurial workforce with a bilingual rate of 44 per cent and more engineers, scientists and PhDs per capital than any other city in Canada.

Current population and household estimates

These city-derived estimates are based on the 2001 postcensal estimate of population and net new units from issued building permits, changes in rental vacancy and the decline on the persons per unit in existing households.

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