David Brown - Councillor - Ward 21 Rideau-Jock


David is a lifelong resident of Ward 21, growing up in Richmond and still living there today.

David’s love of agriculture led him to pursue a career in dairy farming and, consequently, graduated from Kemptville College. 

David is very proud to have worked in the agriculture and dairy farming industry for nearly 10 years. 

David’s community involvement began at a young age as a 4-H member, which enabled him to become greatly involved with the Richmond Agricultural Society (RAS).  He has since served as Junior Director, Director, President, and now Past President.  Volunteering with the RAS has been a rewarding experience as it has provided David with the opportunity to volunteer, lead a large organization while supporting the heritage and community traditions he is so proud of.  David is still actively involved with the RAS today.

David’s involvement in politics began as a volunteer at the federal level. Realizing his dedication to serving residents, David preferred to continue to serve locally at the municipal level, in the ward where he is proud to live.