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Role of the Regulatory Monitor and Compliance Officer

The Regulatory Monitor and Compliance Officer ("Compliance Officer") is an independent officer who reviews, monitors, investigates, and reports on the City's compliance with the Ottawa Light Rail Transit (OLRT) system regulations for the Confederation Line. The Compliance Officer is independent of the Transit Services Department and reports directly to the City Manager and to City Council.

The position is established in compliance with the City's Regulatory Framework for the City's OLRT system and By-law 2015-301. The Compliance Officer’s mandate covers the Confederation Line exclusively, including any expansions or extensions to this transit system or other light rail systems. It does not cover commuter rail operations such as the Trillium railway, bus operations, or Para Transpo operations. The Compliance Officer does not have the authority to assess the adequacy, sufficiency, or effectiveness of City Regulations.

The Compliance Officer undertakes the following activities:

  • Develops a multi-year workplan for monitoring OLRT regulations as it relates to the safety and security of the system.
  • Reports annually on regulatory compliance to Transit Commission and City Council including reporting on any required corrective action plans by Transit Services and other relevant persons who may be subject to the Regulations.
  • Co-ordinates monitoring and reporting activity through the City Manager.
  • Meets quarterly with the City Manager to provide on-going updates of the annual monitoring activities and at year-end reviews compliance with the OLRT regulations.
  • Reviews regulations, policies and procedures.
  • Conducts interviews and meetings with field staff and senior management.
  • Conducts field observations of operations, maintenance and/or safety management activities.
  • Reviews technical submissions.
  • Analyzes data and performance records.
  • Assesses Transit Services’ compliance and contractors conformance with Regulations.
  • Provides advice to staff to consider improvements to the Regulations and/or to the adoption and implementation of Regulations when required.
  • Monitors implementation of staff recommended improvements, developments and new initiatives with respect to the City’s OLRT Regulations.

The position of the Compliance Officer was established by City Council on September 23, 2015. On February 28, 2018 (Motion No. 65/6), City Council appointed Sam Berrada, SAB Vanguard Consulting Inc, as the City’s Compliance Officer, and on April 26, 2023, City Council renewed Sam Berrada’s contract for a period of five years.

Biography of Sam Berrada, Regulatory Monitor and Compliance Officer

Sam Berrada


  • More than 40 years’ experience in railway sector, including passenger and commuter service
  • Worked for 35 years at CN Rail and retired in 2017 as Vice President of Safety and Sustainability
  • Held numerous operational and staff positions in several locations across Canada
  • Extensive experience in safety, operations, Regulations, auditing / monitoring, Safety Management Systems, training, transportation engineering and safety culture.
  • Extensive engagement of stakeholders such as Regulators, government agencies, senior government officers, municipalities, customers, labour unions and academia.

Regulatory Monitor and Compliance Officer (RMCO):

  • RMCO for City of Ottawa since March 2018
  • Has been performing regulatory monitoring activities following revenue service inception in accordance with the City’s mandate and preparing Annual Compliance Reports.


  • Masters in Business Administration – McGill University, 1997
  • Masters in Engineering - McGill University, 1987
  • Bachelors in Mechanical Engineering – McGill University, 1982

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Annual Reports from the Compliance Officer:

Establishment of the Compliance Officer and multi-year work plan:

Light Rail Regulatory Monitor and Compliance Officer and LRT Regulation By-law

Further to Council’s consideration and approval of the Ottawa Light Rail Regulatory Framework report, on October 14, 2015, City Council enacted By-law No. 2015-301 to establish the position and the duties of the Light Rail Regulatory Monitor and Compliance Officer and to provide for other regulatory matters for municipal light rail systems under the jurisdiction of the City of Ottawa.