Connaught Avenue Pedestrian Facility

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Project status

Pedestrian Facility Implementation

The City of Ottawa is proposing a new pedestrian facility on Connaught Avenue, between Carling Avenue and Roman Avenue, as part of the Pedestrian Facilities Program. A new pedestrian facility will provide greater walkability in this residential area.

Two options were presented for feedback via an online survey in early 2021. The survey results indicated the greatest level of public support for Option 1. Option 1 is also recommended by City staff as it provides improved pedestrian connectivity. Therefore, City staff will proceed with finalizing Option 1.

Option 1: a sidewalk along the full length of Connaught Avenue

Option 1 - Connaught Avenue Pedestrian Facility

Additional Measures

The presented designs included several other measures in addition to the Connaught sidewalk. Below is a summary of these additional measures.

Based on the results of the public consultation, some modifications/additions will be made to the functional design. Measures in bold identify changes made based on public feedback.

  1. Pedestrian Crossings
  • A new raised pedestrian crossover (PXO) across Connaught Avenue at Sackville Street
  • A new raised PXO across Connaught Avenue at Elmhurst Street
  • Raising the existing crosswalk on the north leg of the Connaught Avenue/Henley Street intersection.
  • A new raised PXO across Connaught Avenue at Severn Avenue
  1. A new sidewalk on the north side of Severn Avenue to the school (funding to be confirmed)
  1. Bollards will not be provided at the multi-use pathway entrances

Project Planning

This project is listed within the Council-approved 2013 Ottawa Pedestrian Plan. Under current City policy for sidewalks, as a local road that leads directly to a public park (Elmhurst Park and Connaught Park) and transit (future Queensview LRT Station), Connaught Avenue should have a pedestrian facility. The provision of a sidewalk along Connaught Avenue aligns with the City’s transportation goals and objectives to maximize walkability and create safe pedestrian environments.

Other New Sidewalks in the Vicinity of Connaught Avenue

Queensway Terrace Storm Sewer Rehabilitation / Henley Street Sidewalk

The City of Ottawa will be commencing construction on the storm sewer rehabilitation project within the Queensway Terrace North community. Associated with this storm sewer project is a proposed new sidewalk that will be built along the north side of Henley Street, from Alpine Avenue to Connaught Avenue.

More information on this project can be found on the City of Ottawa website.

Online Survey Results

An online survey was conducted from February to March 2021 to gain feedback from the public on the two proposed concept designs. This feedback has been summarized in an As We Heard It report, provided below:

As We Heard It Report [ PDF 453 KB ]

Next Steps

The final functional design will be posted online once completed and the project will proceed to the detailed design and construction phase.

For more information, please contact:

Kim Pearce, P.Eng.
City of Ottawa, Transportation Planning
613-580-2424, ext 25594