2023 Commuter Attitude Survey

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2023 Commuter Attitude Survey

The City of Ottawa and its partner agencies are planning to conduct a telephone survey in September-October 2023. During the survey, information on residents’ travel attitudes and perspectives will be collected from approximately 3500 randomly selected individuals, complementing the results from the 2022 Origin-Destination (OD) Survey.

The survey aims to achieve a representative sample of responses throughout the National Capital Region, including commuters within the urban and rural areas who make regular trips for work, school, or volunteer purposes.

The Commuter Attitude Survey is completely voluntary and will be conducted through confidential phone interviews. The information collected will be used to help understand current mobility patterns and the factors that influence people’s travel choices. The survey also includes questions related to hybrid work to better understand how commuting patterns are evolving. The results will be used to help plan the region’s walking, cycling, transit, and road networks and inform investment priorities.

Response targets have been set for different areas of the region to ensure a broad representation of respondents. Response rates will be carefully monitored, and the calling strategy will be adjusted as the survey progresses to ensure the targets are met.

R.A. Malatest and Associates Ltd. has been retained to carry out the survey on behalf of the TRANS Committee

If you have any questions, please contact Meredith Berriman, Strategic Programs & Project Officer (BSS) (meredith.berriman@ottawa.ca).