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Project status

Applicant's Proposal

On June 17th, 2021 the City of Ottawa received the third submission regarding the Plan of Subdivision and Zoning By-law Amendment applications. This submission is in response to the comments provided to the applicant in October 2020.

On July 16, 2020, the City of Ottawa received the second submission regarding the Plan of Subdivision and Zoning By-law Amendment applications. This submission is in response to the comments provided to the applicant in December 2019.

On October 8, 2019, the City of Ottawa received planning applications Bousfields Inc., on behalf of Clublink Corporation ULC to develop the lands at 7000 Campeau Drive.

The applications are to develop a residential subdivision that includes a mix of housing types, parks, stormwater management ponds, open spaces, landscape buffers and roadways in Kanata North.

Concept plan

Details about the proposed development application

The subject site is approximately 70.89-hectares (175.89-acres) and is made up of four irregularly shaped parcels separated by the local road network. The municipal address for the property is 7000 Campeau Drive, however, there is also frontage along abutting roads including Knudson Drive, Beaverbrook Road and Weslock Way.

Currently, the site is:

  • Occupied by the Kanata Golf & Country Club, which consists of an 18-hole golf course, a two-storey clubhouse, as well as a large surface parking lot on the southwest portion of the site
  • The subject site is located within the low-rise residential neighbourhood of Kanata Lakes north of Highway 417, west of Beaverbrook Road and east of Terry Fox Drive
  • The adjacent area includes low-rise residential neighbourhoods to the north, east and west, and to the south is the major east-west arterial road Campeau Drive and the Kanata Town Centre further south

The applicant described the third submission as including the following changes:

  • Revising all 16.5 metre wide rights-of-way to 18 metres
  • Introducing landscaped buffers, either 3 or 6 metres in depth, along all existing development, depending on the existing vegetation and tree conditions
  • Increasing the size of the Woodland Park in Parcel A from 1.62 to 1.68 hectares (see Appendix A for key map)
  • Increasing the size of the central Neighbourhood Park in Parcel A from 3.53 to 3.76 hectares
  • Increasing the amount of green space on the subject site from 19.44 hectares to 20.06 hectares and now to 23.14 hectares in the further revised proposal
  • Retaining an additional rock outcrop on the north side of Knudson Drive, east of Street Nos. 16 and 3 in Parcel D as an additional open space, where previously townhouses were proposed
  • Removing the blocks previously identified as Blocks 598-602 in Parcel B, such that Open Space Block 637 (previously 622) now extends along the entire extent of Craig Park
  • Extending Block 673 (now Block 650) in Parcel A further south and providing a new connection to Street No. 7 at the south end of the open space block, along an existing utilities easement
  • Expanding the proposed open space at the east end of the Campeau Drive frontage (previously Block 630, now Block 641, in Parcel A) to provide a wide frontage along both Campeau Drive and Street No. 11, whereas previously it had a narrow frontage along Campeau Drive only (the pedestrian walkway to Street No. 9 is maintained as well)
  • Combining the former Blocks 412 and 733 at the end of the cul-de-sac of Street No. 10 (abutting Saint-Rémi Catholic Elementary School ) into new Block 719 (in Parcel D)
  • Reducing the number of units from 1,544 to 1,480
  • Introducing new walkway connections throughout the subject site
  • Updating the proposed zoning with maximum lot coverages for detached zones

A total of 1,480 units is now proposed as part of the applications.

Further details regarding the changes to the proposal can be found in the amended Planning Rationale.

Current land use designation and zoning

  • The property is designated General Urban Area on Schedule B of the City of Ottawa Official Plan.
  • Section 3.6.1 of the Official Plan permits a range of types and densities of housing as well as employment, retail uses, service, industrial, cultural, leisure, greenspace, entertainment and institutional uses.
  • The property is currently zoned Parks and Open Space, Subzone A (O1A). The Parks and Open Space zone permits environmental preserve, education area, park, urban agriculture and a golf course.

What the applicant is asking for

  • The Plan of Subdivision application proposes to create blocks for residential development, public roads, parks and infrastructure.
  • The Zoning By-law Amendment application requests to rezone the property from Parks and Open Space, Subzone (01A) to a mix of residential zones and open space zones to permit the proposed uses.

Learn more about the proposed development application

You may view all of the plans, studies and renderings that the City of Ottawa has received.

Visit ottawa.ca/devapps and read the amended Planning Rationale to learn more about the development applications.

Plan of Subdivision: File # D07-16-19-0026

Zoning Amendment: File # D02-02-19-0123

Legal proceedings

An application was heard in the Court of Appeal, as filed by ClubLink (regarding the decision from Superior Court) on June 17, 2021. A decision has not yet been rendered.

An application was heard in Superior Court on July 13, 14 and 15 2020 regarding the Forty Percent Agreement. A decision was rendered on February 19, 2021 in favour of the City.

The applications were appealed to the Local Planning Appeal Tribunal (now Ontario Land Tribunal) on March 6, 2020 due to the City of Ottawa’s lack of decision on the applications within the timelines prescribed under the Planning Act.

A hearing has been scheduled for January 17 – February 25, 2022.


  • March 2019 – Pre-application consultation meeting with ClubLink Corporation and City Staff
  • October 2019 – ZBLA and Subdivision applications submitted by ClubLink Corporation
  • October 2019 – Comment period for ZBLA and Subdivision for public and technical agencies (28 days)
  • October 2019 – Councillor Community Meeting
  • November 2019 – Statutory Public Meeting #1 for Subdivision application organized by City of Ottawa
  • January 2020 – Consultation Report prepared by City staff and posted on Ottawa.ca
  • February 2020 – Decision to be rendered on Plan of Subdivision as per Planning Act
  • March 2020 – Applications appealed to Ontario Land Tribunal
  • July 2020 – Second submission received
  • November 2020 – Planning Committee meeting for staff recommendations regarding the appeal to OLT
  • June 2021 – Third submission received
  • January 2022 – OLT hearing
  • TBD – Building permits issued
  • TBD – Construction begins

Next steps in the development application approval process

  1. You may comment on the proposed third submission of the development applications
  2. City staff will review all public and technical comments
  3. City staff will provide both public and technical feedback to the applicant for their response
  4. The applicant will consider the feedback and prepare a response, which may include revising some of the previously submitted plans and studies
  5. The City will share any application re-submission with the public when it is received

Tell us what you think

You can provide comments on the Plan of Subdivision and Zoning By-Law Amendment applications until the Planning Committee meeting.

To be part of the public engagement process for this application, you may:

Please email kanatalakes@ottawa.ca if you would like to be notified of all meeting dates and decisions.


Laurel McCreight
Planner File Lead
Planning Services
Email: kanatalakes@ottawa.ca

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