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Online Survey Results and Final Recommendations (November 2022 Update)

Online Survey Results

Over the summer of 2022, a second online survey was conducted to gather feedback about the proposed concept plan along White Alder Avenue. The deadline to complete the survey was August 5, 2022. Since then, the results from the survey have been reviewed and analyzed. Complete results of the survey is provided in an As We Heard It (II) Report [ PDF 558 KB ].

Based on traffic data, coordination with various stakeholders, public feedback and other project constraints, City staff are recommending to proceed with the measures as proposed in the June 2022 concept plan, with a slight tweak at the intersection of White Alder Avenue at Meadowlilly Road. At this intersection, instead of the right turn channel originally proposed in the concept plan presented earlier this summer, bulb outs are recommended instead, as described further below.

Final Recommendations

The Final Recommended Traffic Calming Plan [ PDF 3.204 MB ] for White Alder Avenue includes the following:

  • Installation of six (6) new speed humps:
    • Between Spartina Street and Bufflehead Way
    • Between Mangrove Crescent (west) and Mangrove Crescent (east)
    • Between Bulrush Crescent (west) and Bulrush Crescent (east)
    • Between Widgeon Way (west) and Widgeon Way (east)
    • Between Buttonbush Way and Flat Sedge Crescent (west)
    • Between Stalwart Crescent (west) and Stalwart Crescent (east)
  • Installation of a raised Type ‘D’ PXO at Spartina Street, connecting to the Diamond Jubilee Park pedestrian bridge
  • Installation of Corner radii reductions at two (2) locations:
    1. At the new raised PXO (Spartina Street/White Alder Avenue north-east corner)
    2. Between Widgeon Way (east) and Flat Sedge Crescent (west) on the inside of the curve, across from the pathway. Possibility of installing a type D PXO at this location is still under review. Feasibility to be investigated during preliminary design stage
  • Implementation of a stop flex stake on the west leg of the Kelly Farm Drive / White Alder Avenue which is an ‘All Way Stop’ controlled intersection
  • Painting the existing crosswalk on the north leg of the White Alder Avenue/ Widgeon Way(west).
  • Adding a concrete median on the north leg of the White Alder Avenue/ Widgeon Way(west).
  • Adding two bulb-outs at the Meadowlilly Road / White Alder Avenue intersection (at the south-west and south-east corners).

Together with the other recommended roadway modifications including the raised crossing, intersection narrowing, and speed humps; the operating speed is expected to reduce along this stretch of White Alder Avenue and make the road safer for all users.


The City of Ottawa has begun a traffic calming study for White Alder Avenue between Findlay Creek Drive and Bank Street in response to traffic concerns raised by residents. This study will:

  1. Confirm community support and seek feedback on community concerns/ideas
  2. Investigate traffic conditions on White Alder Avenue
  3. Develop recommendations for permanent traffic calming measures.

This study will focus on key locations within the means of the Neighbourhood Traffic Calming (NTC) program. Traffic calming is the combination of mainly physical measures that reduce the negative effects of motor vehicle use, alter driver behaviour, and improve conditions for non-motorized street users. Additional information on traffic calming can be found online.

Initial Online Consultation and As We Heard It Report

An online survey was conducted between March and April 2021. The survey confirmed community support for this study. It also helps to confirm the primary traffic concerns on White Alder Avenue, and provide residents with an opportunity to share ideas for making this a better roadway for all users including pedestrians, cyclists and motorists.

We received the greatest number of comments about the following issues:

  1. Vehicles speeds
  2. Requests to add a pedestrian crossing at the Spartina intersection to connect to the bridge
  3. Visibility for cars/pedestrian safety at the Meadowlilly intersection.

The results of the initial online survey have been summarized in an As We Heard It report, which is provided below.

As We Heard It Report [ PDF 403 KB ]

Proposed Concept Plan – June 2022

Based on traffic data and feedback received in the initial survey, a proposed concept plan has been developed.

This plan includes:

  • 2 Pedestrian Crossovers (PXO's)
    • A raised PXO at Spartina (at the pedestrian bridge)
    • An at-grade PXO at the curve to the west of Flat Sedge Crescent. *Feasibility to be investigated
  • 6 speed humps
  • Intersections modifications:
    • Kelly Farm: Addition of a Stop Flex Stake at the west leg.
    • Widgeon (West):
      • Addition of a painted crosswalk, and
      • A raised median.
  • Meadowlilly:
    • Addition of a median on White Alder (east of Meadowlilly), and
    • A right turn channel on Meadowlilly.

The limits of this study do not include side streets, however, we will monitor certain side streets (Bufflehead Way and Widgeon Way) before and after construction of the White Alder measures to assess if there have been any notable negative secondary impacts.

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Next Steps

This project will be funded through the Neighbourhood Traffic Calming Program. The next step in the process is to undertake the detailed design (which typically requires one year) with the construction typically following the year after.