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Community funding

Community funding

Community Funding Program

The Community Funding program invests in viable non-profit community-based organizations in order to sustain a strong social infrastructure of community services that supports equal access to the basics in the areas of health, recreation and social services.

The Community Funding program has three funding envelopes:

  1. Renewable Community Funding
  2. One-Time Non-Renewable Community Project Funding - Closed for 2018
  3. Major Capital Funding - Closed for 2018

Community Funding Program Background

The Community Funding Framework approved by Council February 8, 2006 governs all mechanisms for community funding to non-profit community-based organizations. This framework was developed in two phases. Phase 1 (approved by Council September 22, 2004) was implemented in 2005. Phase 2 (approved by Council February 8, 2006) established a funding policy that outlines the parameters of the Community Funding program.

On October 23, 2013 City Council approved The Community Funding Framework Update which outlined a Community Funding Major Capital Program for Community Health and Resources Centres in receipt of Renewable Community Funding; and changed the general eligibility criteria for recipients of Community Funding to include specific reference to “registered not-for-profits and/or registered charities”.

Community Funding Framework Review

Please note that a Community Funding Framework review is currently underway.

The goal of the review is to identify a way to enable the City to sustain a healthy social infrastructure through a funding program that meets existing priority needs, while at the same time, offers enough flexibility to address emerging needs.

We appreciate all the valuable feedback you have provided to the Community Funding Framework Review. The survey is now closed. 

Our next step is to analyze the results. We will keep you informed as the project progresses.

Phase 1 of the Review will be completed in 2019. If you have any questions, require more information, or are interested in receiving updates, please contact


Community Funding Unit
Community and Social Services Department
Tel.: 613-580-2424, ext. 24377

Renewable community funding

2019 Annual Funding Submission

The City's Renewable Community Funding envelope provides funding contributions to non-profit community organizations to support the delivery of programs and services that increase access to basics.

Only those organizations that are currently receiving Renewable Community Funding should complete a 2019 Annual Funding Submission.  The Funding Submission has to be completed and delivered to the Community Funding Unit by Thursday, January 31st 2019. The address can be found on the form. 

Please note that the 2019 Funding Submission form has been crafted in pdf format. The form allows users to enter and save information. There are some fields that will auto-calculate and self-populate. If extra space is needed beyond the allotted number of characters in any entry-field, please attach extra pages (with question number referenced) to your printed and signed copy.


For organizations receiving funding for more than one specific program, please download the document titled SECTION 2 – SPECIFIC PROGRAM INFORMATION [ PDF - 244 KB ] and complete one copy as required for each program.

If you have any questions about the 2019 Funding Submission, please contact your Community Funding Consultant or Monique Guilbault, at 613-580-2424, ext. 24377.

One-time non-renewable community project funding

As part of the 2018 Budget, Council approved the creation of a $100,000 one-time, non-renewable, one-year project fund in Community Funding, Community and Social Services. Only agencies not currently receiving funding from the City of Ottawa’s Renewable Community Funding envelope will be eligible to apply for this project funding.

Deadline to apply: February 22, 2018 at 4pm
Maximum amount of funding: $20,000

How to apply for funding:

All applicants must complete the One-Time Non-Renewable Community Project Funding application form and attach all required documentation. Please review the One-Time Non-Renewable Community Project Funding Guidelines and Checklist to ensure your project is eligible.

One-Time Non-Renewable Community Project Funding Application
One-Time Non-Renewable Community Project Funding Guidelines and Checklist

Note: Please first download the form onto your computer and open it with Adobe Acrobat Reader to complete. Any information added to the form through the web browser will be lost when the form is downloaded to your computer.

Program description:

City of Ottawa One-time Non-Renewable Community Project Funding supports time-limited or pilot projects that address new or emerging needs in the community. Priority is placed on programs/projects that: increase Access to Basics for people from diverse equity groups, reduce poverty, and increase self-efficacy.

The focus of this funding is aligned to priorities included in the City of Ottawa Strategic Plan and the City’s Equity and Inclusion Lens. Equity groups include: racialized people; Aboriginal people; women; people with disabilities; older adults; the lesbian, gay, bi-sexual, trans, two-spirit and queer (LGBTQ+) community; people living in poverty; youth; immigrants; francophones; and people living in rural communities. 

2018 Community project funding priorities:

  • Promote conditions of equity and inclusion (on the basis of race, ethnicity, income, gender identity, sexual orientation, official language and ability, etc.)
  • Promote improved quality of life of people who are low income, at risk, isolated or otherwise marginalized
  • Address a unique or emerging service need, for which defined and demonstrated service gaps exist

Eligibility of applicants:

Community Project Funding is limited to community based, non-profit organizations that:

  • Are not currently receiving funding from the City of Ottawa’s Renewable Community Funding program
  • Are at least one of the following:
    • An incorporated non-profit organization
    • A registered charity
    • Sponsored by an incorporated non-profit organization or a registered charity
  • Address at least one of the Community Project Funding priorities, as listed below.
  • Operate in a non-discriminatory manner, as set out by the Ontario Human Rights Code
  • Are governed by a democratically elected Board of Directors or Steering Committee (Demonstrated through Annual General Meeting minutes)
  • Are in good financial standing with the City of Ottawa
  • Are located in and serve residents of Ottawa
  • Have been in existence for more than two years OR are sponsored by an incorporated non-profit organization that has been in existence for more than five years

Ineligible projects and expenses:

Please see the Guidelines and Checklists for a full listing of ineligible projects and expenses.

How funding decisions are made:

One-Time Non-Renewable Community Project Funding applications will be assessed through a community based allocation committee process. 
Eligible projects will be evaluated based on their capacity to:

  • Respond to the needs of a diverse community
  • Address gaps in services
  • Respond to an emerging community need
  • Foster and leverage partnerships
  • Be viable and present a realistic project budget
  • Identify clear anticipated outcomes and a plan to monitor and evaluate progress to achieve outcomes

For more information, please email the Community Funding Unit:

Community Funding Unit 
Community and Social Service Department
City of Ottawa

Major capital funding

Funding Guidelines

The Major Capital Funding Program is an initiative to implement major capital improvements and additions to facilities related to Community Health Resource Centres (CHRCs) on a cost-sharing basis between the City and community partners. The project may relate to an asset that is owned by the City, or owned and operated by a community partner (CHRCs) who delivers service on behalf of the City or assists the City in the delivery of programs and services. The funding program applies to major capital projects for new facilities, renovations and expansions. It will only apply to fixed assets. It will not fund other components such as furniture, equipment, feasibility studies, fundraising studies, soil testing and architect fees. 

Deadline: April 30th

Program Objectives

  • To develop capital projects that respond to priority needs as identified through Departmental and Council planning documents 
  • To support community initiatives in developing and improving facilities which serve the community
  • To develop cost effective capital projects which minimize City contributions and leverage funding from other sources

Major Capital Funding Application Form [ PDF - 323 KB ]