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Apartment and multi-unit programs

Property owners, managers and superintendents

Changes to the Green Bin Program - Apartment and multi-units

NEW plastic bag option

Plastic bags can be used as a bagging option for household organics in the green bin. Pet waste is also accepted – including dog waste and kitty litter.

We have now made the green bin cleaner and more convenient to use. Using the green bin takes advantage of weekly pickup, while garbage is collected bi-weekly.

No need to purchase plastic or compostable bags. You can reuse common ones around your home:

  • bread bags
  • milk bags
  • grocery and retail bags

If you are currently using paper products and it works for you, please continue. It also remains a clean and convenient option.

Explore other Green Bin disposal options

The plastic bag option is just one of many that are tailored to our residents’ comfort level and interest. The other options include:

  • Paper bags
  • Newspaper linings in the kitchen counter container
  • The use of cereal boxes and milk cartons to contain food waste

The City encourages residents who are using these options to continue their current practices.

How are organics in the plastic bags processed?

The organic waste facility has been retrofitted to rip open the plastic bags and separate the organic waste for composting. The plastic bags are then sent to landfill. The paper and compostable bags will begin to break down, along with the food and organic waste, while the material decomposes in the composting tunnels. Any paper and compostable bags that do not break down are separated from the compost and may be recirculated through the process.

Can compostable or biodegradable bags be used to bag organic waste?

Yes, plastic bags of any kind can be used to bag organic waste in the green bin.

Getting new green bin participants with the plastic bag option will allow the City to divert more organic materials that would normally be disposed as garbage and end up in the landfill

Using the Green Bin: It’s in your best interest – environmentally and economically

Using the green bin, along with other recycling efforts, is one of the easiest things people can do to help our environment. Diverting organic waste from landfill lowers the amount methane – which contributes to greenhouse gases.

In addition, diverting organic waste extends the life of the landfill – which saves millions of City dollars in developing a new landfill in another location.