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Drinking water programs

Lead Pipe Replacement Program

Lead Pipe Replacement Program provides support to eligible residents for the replacement of the public and private portions of a residential property’s lead service pipe.

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Obtaining a flusher hydrant permit

The City of Ottawa’s Flusher Hydrant Program issues permits to businesses requiring non-potable water for services such as street cleaning or pool filling. Businesses looking to use City water from flusher hydrants must obtain a permit per vehicle and report their usage. Unauthorized use of a fire hydrant can result in fines.

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High Volume User Program

Save money and water with the City’s High Volume User (HVU) Program. The HVU Program offers rebates to property owners for installing eligible water efficient toilets, urinals, spray valves and commercial dishwashers and washing machines.

What are the benefits?

Inefficient use of water increases utility costs and places undue stress on the environment. These negative outcomes can often be avoided by retrofitting inefficient fixtures with devices which use less water while providing equal or superior performance. The HVU program aims to offset the costs when retrofitting water fixtures by providing rebates. Find out how these Ottawa organizations benefitted from the High Volume User Program:

  • Ottawa Community Housing Bank Street location cut $78,000 from its annual water bill
  • Osgoode Properties sees return on investment eight months after installing water efficient toilets
  • Ramphos Holdings Inc. saves money with water efficient toilets and washing machines

Are you eligible?

The business or facility must be built before 1996, located in the City of Ottawa and be either:

An industrial, commercial or institutional property consuming a minimum of  25,000 m3 of water per year


A multi-residential property with six or more units.

Ready to apply?

  1. Complete the Screening and Application form [ PDF - 196 KB].
  2. Before removing old fixtures and appliances, take photos of what is being replaced.
  3. Send completed form and photos for review to:

WaterWise Coordinator
City of Ottawa 
951 Clyde Avenue
Ottawa, ON K1Z 5A6

Once your application has been approved, you will receive more information about next steps.

Frequently asked questions

Which toilet should I purchase?

Review the maximum performance (MaP) testing information to ensure the toilets you are considering meet the HVUP criteria. Toilet selection will be reviewed by the City as part of the screening form review and approval process.

What dollar rebate values are available?

Qualifying applications may receive:

  • Toilets: $50 rebate for single-flush and dual flush high-efficiency toilets
  • Urinals: $60 rebate for 3.8L or less; $75 rebate for waterless urinals
  • Spray valves: 50% of the pre-tax price, to a maximum of $200
  • Commercial dishwashers and washing machines: 25% of the pre-tax price, to a maximum of $1,000

The total maximum rebate is $10,000 per tax roll number.

Is there a deadline for completing the work?

After a project is approved, applicants must complete the work within 18 months.


Contact the City of Ottawa at 3-1-1 or send an e-mail to:

High Volume User success stories

Find out how local property owners have benefitted from the High Volume User Program.

Ottawa Community Housing

In 2011, the Ottawa Community Housing Corporation (OCH) installed 144 water-efficient toilets at a facility located on Bank Street.

Water conserved: ~20,000 m3 of water/year
Rebate received: $7,200 rebate
Return on investment: 1 year
Annual savings: ~$78,000

Osgoode Properties

In 2011, Osgoode Properties installed 122 water-efficient toilets in their building.

Water conserved: ~14,000 m3 of water/year
Rebate received: $6,100 rebate
Return on investment: 8 months
Annual savings: ~$54,000

Ramphos Holdings Inc.

From 2011-2012, Ramphos Holdings Inc. installed 18 water-efficient toilets and 2 water-efficient washing machines.

Water conserved: ~400 m3 of water/year 
Rebate received: $1,643 rebate
Return on investment: Five years  
Annual savings: ~$1,500

Water main maintenance - Cathodic Protection Program

The City of Ottawa’s Water Services completes preventative water main maintenance to ensure the continued efficient delivery of safe drinking water to your community.

What is cathodic protection?

Cathodic protection is a process that involves attaching a series of magnesium rods (or "anodes") to the outside of a metallic water main or water service to provide corrosion protection to the water main.

 Cathodic Protection

Why are we doing it?

With age, metal pipes corrode and eventually break. Cathodic protection helps prevent this process by transferring the corrosion from the outside of the water main to a “sacrificial” anode.

Why was my street selected?

The City analyzed the frequency and severity of water main breaks in Ottawa over a five year period. From this analysis, locations were identified and prioritized. 

How is it done?

Work crews drill a series of 30 cm (1 foot) diameter holes on City property and insert magnesium (sacrificial) anodes beneath the ground. The anodes are connected together by a wire which is attached to your water service.

Will cathodic protection be added to all water mains?

No. Cathodic protection is for metallic pipes. Today, most water mains are made from PVC.

How will this work impact residents?

  • There will be noise associated with the work.
  • The installation process takes minutes and holes are refilled the same day.
  • Traffic and pedestrian impacts are minimal.
  • Work is done on the outside of the pipe, so water quality and pressure are not affected.

When will the work take place?

The work starts in May and finishes in early-August. Work takes place between 7:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m.

Questions or concerns

For more information, please contact the City’s Water Information Line by phone at 613-580-2424, extension 22300 or by email at

2020 work schedule

Ward Street From To
1 Vineyard Dr Voyageur Dr Jeanne d'Arc Blvd
1 Lefebvre Way Prestone Dr. Tompkins Ave.
1 Gadwell Crt Kingfisher Cres Kingfisher Cres
2 Des Merles Lane Tooney Dr Des Epinette Ave
2 Meadowfield Pl Meadowglen Dr Meadowglen Dr
2 Montereau Ave. Meadowglen Dr Montereau Ave
2 Morningview St Frank Bender St Des Epinettes Ave
2 Ridgelea Pl. Rivercrest Dr Forest Valley Dr
2 Rosewind Crt. Windflower Way Orleans Boulevard
2 Sansonnet St. Willowbark Dr Windflower Way
2 Silver Bark Ave. Des Epinettes Ave Dead End
2 Windflower Way La Chapelle St Sansonnet St
2 Hoylake Cres Duford Rd Gleneagles Ave
2 White St Renaud Rd Dead End
8 Fieldrow St Viewmount Dr Perry St
11 Rothwell Dr Whippoorwill Dr Cedar Rd
11 Wick Cres Rothwell Dr Rothwell Dr
11 Donovan Crt Clovelly Rd Dead End
11 Oriole Dr. Rebecca Cres Delong Dr
19 Arc-en-Ciel St. Gardenway Dr Northampton Dr
19 Lafrance Dr. Des Epinettes Ave Lamoureux Dr
19 Legrand Cres. Wildflower Dr Wildflower Dr
19 Diamond Way Saphir Ave Navan Rd
19 Jade Lane Topaze Ave Dead End
19 Saulnier Lane Jade Lane Turquoise Cres
19 Topaze Ave Diamond Way Turquoise Cres
19 Turquoise Cres Topaze Ave Dead End
23 Amundsen Cres Chimo Dr Chimo Dr
23 Appaloosa Dr Palomino Dr Palomino Dr
23 Beaufort Dr Chimo Dr Katimavik Rd
23 Belleview Dr Vanstone Dr Pickford Dr
23 Black Rivers Pl Bridle Park Dr Dead-End
23 Bluegrass Dr Foxleigh Cres Equestrian Dr
23 Bluemeadow Way Willow Glen Dr Willow Glen Dr
23 Bramblewood Cres Stonemeadow Dr Stonemeadow Dr
23 Brandy Creek Cres Pine Hill Dr Pine Hill Dr
23 Bridle Park Dr Bridgestone Dr Stonemeadow Dr
23 Bridlewood Dr Stonehaven Dr Steeple Chase Dr
23 Brodeur Cres Beaufort Dr Beaufort Dr
23 Bylot Crt Bernier Terr Dead-End
23 Byrd Cres Chimo Dr Chimo Dr
23 Cadence Gate Eagleson Rd Equestrian Dr
23 Cedarock Dr Stonehaven Dr Bridgestone Dr
23 Chickasaw Cres Palomino Dr Palomino Dr
23 Chimo Dr Katimavik Rd Katimavik Rd
23 Dartmoor Dr Palomino Dr Shetland Way
23 Equestrian Dr Bridgestone Dr Bridgestone Dr
23 Fessenden Way Jarlan Terr McCurdy Dr
23 Foxleigh Cres Equestrian Dr Equestrian Dr
23 Furlong Cres Stonehaven Dr Stonehaven Dr
23 Hanover Crt Cedarock Dr Dead-End
23 Harmon Way Shearer Cres Pickford Dr
23 Hawley Cres Willow Glen Dr Willow Glen Dr
23 Hearst Way Whitney Dr Katimavik Rd
23 Herschel Cres Beaufort Dr Beaufort Dr
23 Huntings End Ave Bluemeadow Way Bridlewood Dr
23 Huntsman Cres Equestrian Dr Equestrian Dr
23 Inuvik Cres Chimo Dr Chimo Dr
23 Marcasite Rd West Dead-End Belleview Dr
23 McClure Cres Chimo Dr Chimo Dr
23 Millman Crt Pickford Dr Dead-End
23 Pacer Pl Stable Way Dead-End
23 Palomino Dr Eagleson Rd Eagleson Rd
23 Parsons Ridge Rd Young Rd McCurdy Dr
23 Peterson Pl Robarts Cres Dead-End
23 Pine Hill Dr Partridge Dr Stonehaven Dr
23 Pineview Rd Vanstone Dr Belleview Dr
23 Pommel Cres Equestrian Dr Equestrian Dr
23 Redfox Pl Equestrian Dr Dead-End
23 Rein Terr Equestrian Dr Saddlehorn Cres
23 Riding Way Equestrian Dr Huntsman Cres
23 Rosethorn Way Bluemeadow Way Bridlewood Dr
23 Saddlehorn Cres Equestrian Dr Equestrian Dr
23 Shannondoe Cres Stonemeadow Dr Stonemeadow Dr
23 Shetland Way Palomino Dr Dead-End
23 Silver Horse Cres Equestrian Dr Equestrian Dr
23 Speers Cres Bridlewood Dr Bridlewood Dr
23 Springtree Pl Cedarock Dr Dead-End
23 Stable Way Equestrian Dr Equestrian Dr
23 Stirrup Pl Equestrian Dr Dead-End
23 Sulky Way Bluegrass Dr Bluegrass Dr
23 Tower Hill Cres Bridlewood Dr Bridlewood Dr
23 Trotting Way Equestrian Dr Foxleigh Cres
23 Vanstone Dr Marcasite Rd Kakulu Rd
23 Willow Glen Dr Stonehaven Dr Bridlewood Dr

Backflow Prevention Program

The Backflow Prevention Program mitigates the risk of backflow to the city’s water distribution system, as required under City of Ottawa's Water By-law, as amended.

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