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Community and Business Directional Signage Program

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There are several different types of signs available to help direct the public in rural Ottawa, both in the right-of-way and on private property.

Some of these sign types include:

  • business section signage
  • business park signage
  • community name and events signage
  • pedestrian blades
  • rural golf course message centre signage
  • tourism and public services signage
  • village services signage
  • way-finding signage

For more information about installation, replacement or further details on rural signage options, contact the Rural Affairs Office.

Directional Farm Signage Program

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The Directional Farm Signage Program is a unique initiative that:

  • assists the public to locate farm-based businesses in rural areas because they are often difficult to find because of a lack of local landmarks or way finding guides.
  • tackles the illegal sign proliferation along rural roadways - as these detract from the rural views and render legitimate signs ineffectual.

Permanent signs in the right-of-way

The Directional Farm Sign is a permanent sign similar to the Province's Tourism-Oriented Directional Signs (TODS) located along provincial highways. Eligible businesses include registered farms, farmers' markets and agricultural fairgrounds.

The signs have white lettering on a blue background with the City of Ottawa logo at the top, the farm-based business' corporate logo, with distance and direction indicators below. Signs must be within 12 km of the farm-based business location.

Directional Farm Signs are available in two formats:

  • vertical and horizontal, depending on location. For vertical signs: the farm-based business may have a slide-in section below the panel for messages advising the public they are open/ouvert, or closed/fermé, and/or the produce available for sale.

While the municipality is responsible for the technical/engineering review to confirm the appropriate locations for signs, the manufacturing, installation and maintenance costs are the responsibility of the farm-based businesses as well as the costs associated with finding the ideal locations for the signs.

How to apply for permanent signs in the right-of-way

  1. Obtain a copy of the Application for Directional Farm Sign [ PDF - 71 KB ] AND the accompanying Directional Farm Sign Location and Information Chart [ PDF - 23 KB ] or visit your local Client Service Centre.
  2. Include the administrative services fee that will be required.

It is recommended that prior to submitting; applicants contact the Rural Affairs Office at or call 3-1-1 to discuss their application.

Drop off your complete package at your local Client Service Centre or mail your package to:

Development Review (Suburban Services) Branch
100 Constellation Crescent, 6th floor
Ottawa, ON

Temporary signs in the right of way:

Farm accessory signs (typically A-frame signs) may be placed temporarily in the right-of-way directing the public to farm-based businesses. A-frame signs may be located with 500 metres of the farm produce outlet entrance, and be placed 0.5 metres from the road, along the roadside. Additional farm accessory signs can be placed close to the two nearest approaching intersections. A-frames must have a base not exceeding 60 cm in width or 75 cm in length and a height of not greater than 1 m.

Permanent signs on private property

Farm-based businesses are allowed to install permanent signage on private property, both on their own property and off-site directional signs, with no fee or permit required provided that the sign is less than 4 square metres in size and subject to certain set back provisions. Off-site directional signs must be located within a 12 km radius from the registered farm to which the sign applies.

For more information on farm signage, contact the Rural Affairs Office at or call 3-1-1.