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Signs - temporary signs on private property

Temporary signs on private property are regulated by By-law No. 2004 - 239. The following information provides an overview of this by-law, however if you would like more details, please refer to the actual by-law.

What does the by-law say?

  • Four, 30-day temporary sign permits per business establishment are permitted in any calendar year. Inflatable signs for a maximum of seven days.
  • Each temporary sign must be located twenty-three metres (23m) away from another temporary sign.
  • The temporary sign must be on the premises of the business it advertises.
  • Some signs do not require a permit, but they must comply with the by-law regulations: Election signs, incidental signs, real estate signs, signs presenting a message that is political, civic, charitable, philanthropic, educational, artistic, cultural or religious in nature, signs identifying the sale of seasonal farm-site produce provided signs are placed on premises zoned agricultural, for sale signs and signs affixed to gasoline pumps.
  • All temporary signs must display a clear and logical message relating to the business activity.
  • Signage must be: in good repair, situated at grade, a maximum of 2.7 m in height and structurally safe.
  • Signage must not impede pedestrian or vehicular traffic.
  • The name and telephone number of the sign business must be visible on the sign.
  • Temporary signs are not permitted on any premise zoned residential.


  • Can be displayed on private property thirty (30) days in advance of the election date.
  • Must be removed within 48 hours of the election.
  • See Regulations – Elections Signs

Real Estate Signs

  • One sign permitted for each street line of the premise offered for sale.
  • Must be removed two weeks after sale of the premises