Declare property status

The Vacant Unit Tax applies only to properties in the residential tax class (excludes commercial, industrial, and multi-residential properties) that are deemed to be vacant.

A unit will be considered vacant if it was not used as a principal residence and has been unoccupied for more than 184 days in the previous calendar year.

The tax does not apply to, but a declaration is still required for:

  • Principal Residence  
  • Tenanted properties  
  • Properties occupied by a family member, friend, or other resident using it as their principal residence
  • Properties qualifying for one of the available exemptions

Complete the questionnaire to determine if tax is applicable.

 Vacant Unit Tax questionnaire

Complete the residential Vacant Unit Tax online declaration today.
It takes less than five minutes.
Visit or login to your MyServiceOttawa property tax account
Enter your roll number and access code in “property search”.
Enter your name, phone number, and email in “contact information”.
Choose whether the unit is your principal residence, occupied by tenants, a permitted occupant, or none of the above.
If occupied by tenants or a permitted occupant, provide start and end dates of their occupancy in the previous year.
If other, provide a reason for the vacancy – some circumstances may exempt you from the VUT. Verify your information in “summary”, and you’re done – a confirmation will be sent by email.
  • 19-digit roll number beginning with 0614
    Provided in the November and January Vacant Unit Tax notice or at the top of your property tax bill.
  • 7-character access code located with your roll number

Note: When searching for your property, it is important to carefully input the Access Code. The Access Code contains both letters and numbers which can be easily confused. For example, the letter O and the number 0, or the Letter I and the number 1

Additional details required 

You will be required to provide your name and contact information. Additional information may be required at the time of declaration based on criteria below.

Status or Exemption (if selected) Information collected at the time of decleration
Principal Residence – Permitted occupant  Occupancy dates
Tenanted Property  Occupancy dates
In Case of Sale  Date of closing 
In Case of Court/ Government Order  Court order number/reference number
In Case of Death  Date of death 
Construction/ Renovation  Permit/application number Short description of project 
Short Term Rentals  Short term rental permit number 


Declare property status

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