Bank Street Community Design Plan

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Bank Street Community Design Plan

The Bank Street Community Design Plan (CDP) is the Council-approved guide to the long-term growth and development of the portion of Bank Street from Riverside Drive to the CN rail line located south of Walkley Road. The purpose of the CDP is to create a framework for the future development of these lands, which fulfills the policy directions outlined in the City’s Official Plan and sets the specific objectives for the Bank Street community. The CDP provides the land use concept for the area, as well as the servicing and transportation structure for future development

The CDP area is a linear portion of Bank Street that spans approximately 3.2 km and is approximately 101 hectares in size. The area is bounded by two bridges: Billings Bridge at the north end and Bank Street South Bridge at the south end. T

Three City Wards are affected by the CDP area: Ward 16 – River, Ward 17 – Capital, and Ward 18 – Alta Vista.

Bank Street Community Design Plan [ PDF - 5.6 MB ]