Kanata North Community Design Plan

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Executive Summary

The Kanata North Community Design Plan (CDP) has been prepared as collaboration between the City of Ottawa and the Kanata North Land Owners Group (KNLOG) to demonstrate how development of the Kanata North Urban Expansion Area (KNUEA) will achieve the requirements of the Official Plan.

The CDP provides a level of direction between Official Plan policy and development approvals, and will be used as a guide for the preparation and review of future applications for development.

The Kanata North Urban Expansion Area (KNUEA) is located north of the established urban area of Kanata and is approximately 181 hectares (447.6 acres) in area, extending along both sides of March Road between Maxwell Bridge Road/Halton Terrace in the south and Maxwell Road/Murphy Court in the north.

The KNUEA is envisioned as a contemporary master-planned community of approximately 3000 dwelling units that could accommodate approximately 8000 residents. The CDP provides for a range of housing options and a vibrant, well-defined mixed-use core. Design of this community is rooted in an integrated open space system embracing the asset of existing natural heritage features and structured around Shirley’s Brook and its tributaries.

March Road functions as the spine of the community, connecting the KNUEA to the wider transit and transportation network. Local and collector streets are laid out as a modified grid and designed to create a transit supportive street network. To facilitate active transportation, neighbourhoods will be connected by a comprehensive pathway system following the street network and creek corridors.
Each neighbourhood will have a park, school and other amenities within walking and cycling distance. Well-designed streetscapes and built form will be responsive to the context, location and intensity of land uses throughout the community.

Kanata North Community Design Plan [ PDF 20.113 MB ]