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Federal and Provincial stimulus funding programs have become available to help offset the economic impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic, promote recreation and active transportation, improve infrastructure resiliency to climate change, and increase accessibility and inclusion within the City of Ottawa. The City is well-prepared to respond to these programs and continues to maximize opportunities for funding infrastructure projects.

The City is currently in the process of applying for new funding under several Federal and Provincial programs for a variety of city infrastructure projects. As confirmation of funding is received the list of programs and projects below will be updated.

The City is the recipient of funding from Federal and Provincial partners through the following stimulus funds:

  • Active Transportation Fund (ATF)
  • Improving Monitoring and Public Reporting of Sewage Overflows and Bypasses Program
  • Green and Inclusive Community Buildings (GICB)
  • Investing in Canada Infrastructure Program (ICIP) 
  • Public Transit Infrastructure Fund (PTIF)
  • Clean Water Wastewater Fund (CWWF) 
  • Canada 150 Community Infrastructure Program (C1P 150)
  • Canada Community-Building Fund (CCBF)

Together with Federal and Provincial funding partners, the City has nearly 600 active infrastructure projects at different stages of implementation, with a total budget authority of approximately $1.9 billion.

Active Transportation Fund (ATF)

The Active Transportation Fund will provide $400 million over five years to support the expansion and enhancement of active transportation infrastructure and a modal shift away from cars and toward active transportation. The Fund will also support the goals of Canada’s Strengthened Climate Plan.
Planning and Design Projects (Grant Program) are projects that develop or enhance formal active transportation strategic planning documents or stakeholder engagement. This stream can cover 100% of eligible costs, to a maximum grant of $50 thousand per project.

  • $350 thousand approved funding from ATF for 7 planning projects related to studies for potential active transportation projects.

ATF_Project list [ 92.52 KB ]

Improving Monitoring and Public Reporting of Sewage Overflows and Bypasses Program

The Ontario government is providing $10 million to help 20 municipalities improve monitoring and public reporting capacity of sewage overflows and bypasses.

Municipalities eligible to receive funding from the program include those that have the largest average yearly volume of combined sewage overflows across the province from 2015 to 2019 as reported through the federal Wastewater System Effluent Regulation.  The City of Ottawa has been granted $1,089,128.00.

Funding will be used to install new velocity meters for more accurate measurements, live cameras to visually verify and confirm overflow activities, and new Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA)/Web development to make information readily available to the public.

MECP_Project list [ 82.75 KB ]

Green and Inclusive Community Buildings (GICB)

The Government of Canada’s five-year $1.5 billion program will support green and accessible retrofits, repairs or upgrades of existing public community buildings and the construction of new publicly-accessible community buildings that serve high-needs, underserved communities across Canada.

  • $630,000 approved funding from GICB for the deep retrofit of the Hintonburg Community Centre; the building will become net zero ready from improvements to the building envelope and new heating, cooling and ventilation systems.  

Investing in Canada Infrastructure Programs (ICIP)

The Government of Canada’s Investing in Canada Infrastructure Program provides funding to communities through the Investing in Canada Plan. These programs, delivered by Infrastructure Canada, provide long-term funding to help municipalities build strong, dynamic and inclusive communities and ensure access to modern, reliable services that improve quality of life for residents.

  • Investing in Canada Infrastructure Program - COVID-19 Resilience Stream (ICIP COVID-19): $19 million approved funding from ICIP COVID-19 for retrofits, repairs and upgrades for municipal buildings, measures to support physical distancing, and projects to support active transportation such as parks, pathways and bike lanes.

COVID-19_Project list [ 155.07 KB ] 

  • Investing in Canada Infrastructure Program - Long-Term Care Stream (ICIP LTC): $1.2 million approved funding from ICIP LTC for 4 retrofitting projects at two LTC homes to improve heating, ventilation and HVAC systems.

LTC_Project list [ 95.09 KB ]

  • Investing in Canada Infrastructure Program - Community Culture and Recreation Stream (ICIP CCR): $39 million approved funding from ICIP CCR for 5 projects to improve playgrounds, pools, arenas, community centres, and parks across the city.
  • Strategic Priorities Infrastructure Fund – Sport and Community Renewal sub-stream (SPIF-SCR): $3.8 million approved funding from SPIF-SCR for an arena expansion project in the Metcalfe community. 

CCR_Project list [ 108.19 KB ]

  • Investing in Canada Infrastructure Program – Public Transit Infrastructure Stream (ICIP PTIS): $8.6 million approved funding from ICIP PTIS for the Chief William Commanda Bridge multi-use pathway and rehabilitation project. The new multi-use pathway, on the existing inactive bridge, will improve active transportation between the City of Ottawa and the City of Gatineau.

Public Transit Infrastructure Fund (PTIF)

  • Funded through investments from both the Government of Canada and the Government of Ontario, PTIF will support the rehabilitation of public transit systems (including O-Train Trillium Line); the planning of future system improvements and expansions; enhanced asset management; and system optimization and modernization.
  • Funding will allow for improvements to transit infrastructure across our City; from new covered bicycle shelters across our rapid transit network, to the acquisition of 17 new high-capacity buses that will allow for better transit service to the fast growing areas of the City.
  • Bus stops will be improved at various rural locations to enhance waiting conditions and improve cycling connectivity and safety throughout the rural community. Collaboration with Provincial and Federal governments has achieved significant progress for Ottawa residents. Our economy, environment, and every corner of Ottawa will benefit from the Public Transit Infrastructure Fund.

PTIF_Project list [ 163 KB ]

Clean Water Wastewater Fund (CWWF)

  • Funded through investments from both the Federal and Provincial governments, the Clean Water and Wastewater Fund (CWWF) provides the City of Ottawa with the opportunity to accelerate short –term investments to support the rehabilitation and modernization of drinking water, wastewater and stormwater infrastructure, including the planning and design of future projects.
  • Money from CWWF is provided through federal infrastructure funding, but managed through Infrastructure Ontario. The Province is also cost-matching for the funding project, up to a maximum of 25 per cent of the total eligible cost.
  • This contribution, while advancing infrastructure investments, supports the delivery of services with the outward focus on community benefit and an inward focus on efficiency and affordability.

CWWF_Project list [ 119 KB ]

Canada 150 Community Infrastructure Program (CIP 150)

  • The Canada 150 Community Infrastructure Program (CIP 150) is a $150-million federal government funding program that invested in projects that involve renovating, expanding, and improving community infrastructure across the nation. It was part of Canada 150 Celebrates, marking and celebrating Canada’s 150th anniversary of Confederation.
  • The CIP 150 initiative enhanced parks and recreation facilities to provide community space for Canada 150 celebrations, as well as build a long term legacy for fostering community involvement and sustainability.

CIP 150_Project list [ 94 KB ]

Canada Community-Building Fund (CCBF)

  • The Canada Community-Building Fund (CCBF), formerly the Gas Tax Fund, invests over $2 billion each year to Canadian municipalities; Ontario's share is over $800 million. Funds are distributed to communities across the province on a per-capita basis. 
  • The CCBF is a permanent source of federal funding for local infrastructure, providing funds to communities twice a year. First established in 2005, the Fund has continually evolved to meet the needs of municipalities and their critical infrastructure projects. Funds can be invested across 18 project categories to address local priorities, promote economic growth, strengthen communities, and improve the environment. 
  • Since 2005, the City of Ottawa has received $880M from the CCBF and will receive approximately $120M over 2022-2023. Currently, we have funded $39M towards Infrastructure and $755M to Transit projects.

CCBF_Project list [ 85.43 KB ]