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Jobs in aquatics

Path to become a lifeguard and swim instructor

A complete list of courses with pre-requisites are listed in our Recreation eGuides.

  • Bronze Star *optional (10-12 years)
  • Bronze Medallion / Emergency First Aid with CPR ‘B’ (13 years)
  • Bronze Cross (14 years)
  • Standard First Aid with CPR ‘C’ / AED (12 years)
  • Airway Management  or Oxygen Therapy (O2) (15 years)
  • Red Cross Water Safety Instructor – Part 1 (15 years)
  • Red Cross Water Safety Instructor – Part 2 (15 years)
  • National Lifeguard (15 years)
  • Lifesaving Society Instructor (Desired)

Application process

  1. Apply online at
    1. ​​​​Year-round positions (September to June)
    2. Summer positions (July to August)
    3. The application process opens each year in February and closes at the end of the summer season


Opportunities are available for candidates at all stages of the certification process.

Wading Pool Attendant

  • Qualifications:
    • Must be 15 years of age by June 1
    • Standard First Aid with CPR ‘C’ / AED
    • AODA
    • Recommended Bronze Cross or National Lifeguard (NL)

Lifeguard / Instructor

  • Qualifications
    • National Lifeguard (NL)
    • Standard First Aid with CPR ‘C’ / AED
    • Red Cross Water Safety Instructor (WSI)
    • Airway Management or Oxygen Therapy
    • AODA
    • Lifesaving Society Instructor (desired)

Waterfront Lifeguard (Beaches)

  • Qualifications:
    • National Lifeguard (NL)
    • Standard First Aid with CPR ‘C’ / AED
    • Oxygen Therapy or Airway Management
    • AODA

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Screening sessions

Wading Pool Attendant

Please contact for more information.

Screening Items:

  • In person interview
  • Come prepared:
    • Review wading pool locations to determine preferred work locations
    • Bring Standard First Aid with CPR ‘C’ / AED, AODA

Lifeguard and Instructor / Waterfront Lifeguard (Beaches)

Screening items

  • Distressed victim rescue, 20 metre head up approach, 5 metre carry
  • 20 metre approach and object recovery
  • Submerged removal and management of a VSA victim
  • 50 metre head-up swim

Additional screening items for Waterfront Lifeguard (Beaches)

  • 200 metre swim under 3 minutes 50 metre swim, submerged mannequin recovery, carry 25 metre in under 1 minute 30 seconds
  • 25 metre underwater swim

Come prepared

    • Bathing suit and towel
    • Pocket mask
    • Goggles (for Waterfront Lifeguard items only)