Commemorative naming policy

Municipal park, facility or street commemorative naming

The Commemorative Naming Policy, approved by City Council on July 24, 2002, outlines the criteria and process for commemoratively naming municipal streets, parks and facilities. 

A commemorative name honours individuals who have:

  • Demonstrated excellence, courage or exceptional service to the citizens of the City of Ottawa, Province of Ontario and/or Canada;
  • Provided extensive community service;
  • Worked to foster equality and reduce discrimination;
  • Made a significant financial contribution to a park or facility, and the contribution significantly benefits the community that the park or facility serves (i.e. the park or facility may not have otherwise been possible without the financial assistance); or
  • Who has historical significance to the community, City of Ottawa, Province of Ontario and/or Canada.

Any member of the public or City Council may submit a name to the City for consideration. As part of the process, a preliminary investigation of the commemorative name will be conducted to ensure the name has not been used in the past and that the nomination is meritorious. Following the preliminary investigation, all proposals require the completion of a formal application form. 

Process for Commemoratively Naming Parks and Facilities

Applications to commemoratively name parks and facilities are forwarded to the Commemorative Naming Committee. If the Commemorative Naming Committee approves the application, it will then be subjected to a 30 day public consultation phase to ensure there is community support for the proposal. Following the consultation process, the Commemorative Naming Committee – consisting of applicable departmental City staff, the Mayor or his/her designate and the Ward Councillor – will be reconvened to consider the comments received. The Commemorative Naming Committee will them make a recommendation to the applicable standing committee and City Council to proceed with the application.

Written submissions and/or petitions received during the 30 day public consultation phase must be verifiable. To that end:
• Each written submission must include the submitter’s full first and last name; and
• Any petition must adhere to the guidelines outlined in Council’s Petition Policy with respect to petition requirements.

Applications to commemoratively name parks and facilities are forwarded to the Commemorative Naming Committee.

Process for Commemoratively Naming Streets

Due to development timelines, the process for commemoratively naming streets is streamlined.  These applications are reviewed by the City Clerk and Solicitor (or designate) against Council’s approved criteria, who then makes a recommendation to the Chief Building Official.  Generally, the timeframe for approving a meritorious application is five (5) business days or less.   

For a copy of the Commemorative Naming Application Form and accompanying Affidavit, send an e-mail to or call 3-1-1 (TTY: 613-580-2401).